Mjølkevegen (The Old Milk Route)


Cycle through Jotunheimen on Mjølkevegen

Mjølkevegen (The Old Milk Route) offers 250 km of cycling from Vinstra in the North to Gol in the South. You will find everything from steep mountain climbs and fast descent to flat landscape landscape and even a 20 km cruise tour across Bygdin Lake. Over the years, people have discovered extra detours and side trips that the’ve combined with the original Mjølkevegen Route and today there are numerous cycling options. What makes Mjølkevegen so great is that along the trails and at the mountain lodges there are additional hikes and cycling tours for people to enjoy. Combine cycling, hiking, cozy mountains lodges with fantastic mountains and nature.

There are several different options, and routes. Most people will only do a small stretch at the time, and someone will go for the entire 250 km in one go. There are no right or wrong. Just you, the bike, and a fantastic tour!

Christian Roth Christensen / Visitnorway.com

Get on a bike and cycle through the amazing landscape, passing mountain peaks, waterfalls, and lakes Jotunheimen has to offer!

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