– Besseggen‘s little brother

About the Hike

Next to his bigger brother Besseggen on the other side of Gjende lake, you will find the 1,517 metre-high-peak of Knutshøe. Standing on the top, you’ll have outstanding views towards the peaks towering all around and the surrounding lakes, including the wonderful Gjende lake. The hike is demanding and you need to scramble at some parts in the hike. It is therefor not recommended if you are afraid of heights, as there are parts of the hike where you need to cross exposed sections. The trail is not marked, but not too difficult to follow, yet if you stray too far from the path you will find several exposed sections and dangerous areas. Make sure you follow the trails and do not hike alone. Also, this hike is also not recommended in bad weather!

We’ve established that this one is not for the faint-hearted, and if you do decide to go it will be a wonderful experience. The extra challenge only makes it more exciting!

The Knutshøe hike

Drive or take the bus to Vargbakken parking (1,100m) located about 4 km south of Gjendesheim exit, from where you can start your hike to Knutshøe. Start by crossing the bridge across the small river Varga and follow the trail that take you on a scenic tour with several places to stop and enjoy your lunch. From the ridge you can admire the fantastic view of the delta landscape down to Leirugsdalen.

The first part of the hike has the most demanding parts with some steep areas. Throughout the ascent you will find both steep sections and some parts with more easy hiking terrain. The last part before the peak will also require some light scrambling.

Knutshøe is so fascinating that many people believe it was the ground for the Peer Gynt deer ride!

Who is this Hike Suitable for

This hike is demanding and suitable for those in good physical shape.


The main season is summer/late summer. This is when the area is most suitable for trekking. This hike is also not recommended in bad weather!


Stay at Gjendesheim Mountain Lodge is located on the bank of Gjende Lake.

How to Get There

You can access the area from Gjendesheim.


  • Municipality: Vågå
  • Gjende Lake
  • Gjendesheim

Hike Info

  • Difficulty: Demanding
  • Distance: 12.6 kilometres
  • Elevation Gain: 690 meters
  • Duration: 4-6 hours
  • Season: Summer – Fall
  • Elevation: 1,517 m.a.s.l.
  • Self-guided

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