Famous walks in the Jotunheimen

With high peaks and deep valleys, the landscape of Jotunheimen National Park offers Northern Europe’s most beautiful vistas and dramatic walks. If Jotunheimen is the heart of Norway, thousands of kilometers of tracks are its veins.
The Jotunheimen National Park tracks lead you over Northern Europe’s highest, 2469 meters high, Galdhøpiggen peak or along the narrow Besseggen ridge, running between and emerald lake. Endless walking trails will take you along lush landscapes, through snow, over ice and across valleys, rivers and lakes. You can choose to stroll, hike or climb for hours, days or even weeks!
Maps of the Jotunheimen National Park trails can be obtained in local stores, hotels and tourist information offices as well as online or in upscale bookshops across Europe and the rest of the world.

Grab your boots, pack your bag and wander off into Jotunheimen’s beautiful landscapes and stunning wilderness.





Duration: 6-9 hours Length: 13.6km Elevation: 1100m Peak height: 1738m

The famous view point

It is the most spectacular hike in ‘The Home of the Giants’, Jotunheimen National Park. Along the way you pass the dark blue and emerald green of Bessvatn and Gjende lakes.


Svartdalen Valley

Duration: 5-8 hours Length: 14km Elevation: 610m

The most beautiful valley in Jotunheimen

As you wander through this lush valley, majestic towering peaks will surround you, several of which are over 2000 meters high.



Duration: 2-4 hours Length: 5.5km Elevation: 410m

Hike from Eidsbugarden

Utsikten is a short, easy tour with spectacular view over the great nature landscape of Jotunheimen. Its about 410m height meters to ascend, but short and fits beginners well.



Duration: 4-5 hours Length: 11km Elevation: 310m

Utladalen and Vettifossen

With a free fall of 275 metres Vettisfossen is the highest protected waterfall in Norway. You can get there on foot by walking up the beautiful Utladalen in Øvre Årdal.



Duration: 15-20 min Length: 1km

The Knight’s leap

Ridderspranget is a beautiful but also hazardous place.


Duration: 1,5-2,5 hours Length: 4.5km Elevation: 450m Peak height: 1457m

Short scenic hike

Synshorn at 1457 meters above sea level invites to a fantastic view of Jotunheimen. The trail is easy to follow and climb, and varies from soft terreng to rock closer to the peak.



Duration: 5-6 hours Length: 10km Elevation: 600m Peak height: 1607m

Great views for almost the entire Jotunheimen

Bitihorn at 1607 meters above sea level is one of the classical and easier hikes suited well for beginners in the area.


Østre Torfinnstind

Duration: 5-6 hours Length: 7km Elevation: 1060m Peak height: 2119m

The highest of Torfinnstindane’s three peaks

Eastern Torfinnstind is located in the southern part of Jotunheimen, by the shores of lake Bygdin. You can access the area by catching the Bitihorn ferry from Bygdin Harbour.



Duration: 8-9 hours Length: 15.75km Elevation: 1163m Peak height: 2193m

The biggest cairn above 2000m?

With its 2193 meters above sea level, Kvitskardtinden is Norway’s 59th highest mountain. Great views over Svartdalen bellow and Jotunheimen in the background!


Nørdre Kalvehølotinden

Duration: 5-6 hours Peak height: 2019m

Moderate level hike from Torfinnsbu

North (Nørdre in Norwegian) Kalvehølotinden, with its 2019 meters above sea level, is the southernmost of Norway’s 2000-meter peaks.



Duration: 9-10 hours Length: 9.5km Elevation: 1164m Peak height: 2119m

Cross the three peaks

Torfinnstindtraversen is one of the classics in Jotunheimen. It takes you across the mountain Torfinnstindane’s three peaks, all of which are over 2000 meters high.



Duration: 5-6 hours Length: 6.2km Peak height: 2469m

Top of Norway

To sit on top of Jotunheimen, you’ll have to conquer a 2469 rise above sea level first. You’ll be rewarded with a 360 degree panorama of Jotunheimens mountain and lakes



Duration: 6-8 hours Length: 10km Elevation: 760m

Contiune from Besseggen into Jotunheimen

One of the most spectacular hikes in Jotunheimen, between Memurubu and Gjendebu. 10,5 kms, takes 5-6 hours. Steep up from/down to lake Gjende. Great variety of plants in the area…

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