Take a cruise in the high mountains.

Most people choose to walk Besseggen from Memurubu to Gjendesheim. You get the best start for a mountain walk on board on our boats. We have up to 8 departures a day from the quay at Gjendesheim to Memurubu (Besseggen) and Gjendebu. There are two return departures from Gjendebu. As well as the scheduled departures, we set up a number of additional trips. Read “Some practical information” before you come, to find out how things work here.

We work with the lodges and activity providers to put together good packages, and we are always happy to tailor the best mountain experiences for companies, groups, teams, school classes, institutions and others.

Afraid you might miss the boat? Relax, we have up to 8 departures a day? You can easily search for all our departures here, so you have time for both a walk and dinner. SHOW TIMETABLE
Some practical information
Summer in the mountains is short and magical and on the most beautiful days many people want to travel on our boats. To make your trip as pleasant as possible, we have tried to find some practical solutions for parking, queues and transporting luggage. It might be a good idea to find out how things work before you travel with us.
You can buy tickets on board, with card or cash. Advance booking is not possible.
Child under 15, child ticket
Child under 5, free
Family with more than four paying members, one child free
Group (over 10 persons) paying together, 10% discount
Canoe/kayak, same fare as adult
On very busy days, we give out queue tickets! See information about queue tickets further down.
Group of 15 person or more; pleace maile: harald@gjende.no or call: +47 913 06 744
There are two car parks in the area around Gjendesheim. One is down by the quay, is for short-term parking and quickly fills up in high season. Come early if you plan to park here! The other is about 2 km from the quay. There is a free minibus service to and from the quay. If you will be away more than 24 hours, park here! Gjendeosen Kiosk & Parkering runs the car parks, so if there is anything you wish to know about parking, call: 926 56 334 or 926 56 327
Queue tickets
On busy days, we start giving out queue tickets from the booth down by the quay at 07:45. On days like these, we do not keep rigidly to the timetables; we keep going until the queue is gone. We also start earlier than scheduled if needed; if there 100 people in the queue at 07:00, we fill up the boat and go. When you get a queue ticket, you will be told your departure time. You can get queue tickets for your whole family or group.
Choose the right queue
You will find there are two groups queueing on the quayside. One is for Memurubu/Besseggen, with up to 8 departures a day, and the other is for Gjendebu, with up to two departures a day. Make sure you join the right queue!
The boats
We operate two boats. Gjende, which takes 100 passengers, and Gjendine, which takes 80 passengers.
If you wish to walk the Besseggen ridge and walk back to Gjendesheim, take the boat to Memurubu. You can also walk from Gjendesheim to Memurubu along Besseggen and take the boat back to Gjendesheim. On busy days, the second alternative can be a good idea!
Baggage transport
If you intend to spend several days in the mountains and have a lot of baggage, just pack a small bag with what you need for the day. We can transport the baggage you don’t need for your day’s walk to your destination. All you need to do is buy a baggage label on the boat or at your lodge. Tie on the label and put your baggage under the right sign on the quayside. You will find your baggage on the quay under the sign «Arrived rucksacks». There’s no point in carrying more than you need to.
Prices Baggage transport
Per piece Gjendesheim – Memurubu (or vice versa) c.a. 50. –
Per piece Memurubu – Gjendebu (or vice versa) c.a. 50. –
Per piece Gjendesheim – Gjendebu (or vice versa) c.a. 60. –

Afraid you might miss the boat? Relax, we have up to 8 departures a day? You can easily search for all our departures here, so you have time for both a walk and dinner.

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