Falketind Glacier


-the Falcon Peak : the discovery of Jotunheimen

About the Hike

The real discovery of Jotunheimen started with Falketind, one of the most strenuous yet popular hikes in the national park. The impressive profile inspired its name, given by the poet Aasmund Vinje; he saw the bent beak of a falcon where the spiky “tine” on the summit was, and the surrounding spots of snow on the mountain side looked like the white specked chest of this bird of prey.

The hike offers mesmerising and unique views, as most peaks at this elevation do; on the way up to the peak you’ll see Morka-Koldedalen Valley spread out below you, and the Hjelledalstinden and Falketind rising in front of you.

Hike Description

The most popular route is the one that the pioneers hiked, called Pioneer-ruta. This route takes you from Koldedalen Valley, over the Falkebre Glacier and up the Eastwall of the peak. An arduous climb, but very rewarding when you reach the top of the Falcon. The hike requires some climbing and maybe crawling.


The first ascent was back in 1820, which is very early given the character of the summit. The first city folk who would travel to explore the mountains were often students and scientist, and the city explorers of Falketind were no different. Peter Christian Bianco Boeck and Baltazar Mathias Keilhau, both students, together with the local reindeer hunter Ola Urden, set out to explore this unknown mountain. Having successfully crossed the Falkebree Glacier, Keilhau felt that it was unwise to carry on in this direction and suggested a different route to reach the peak. He wrote that he felt that his companions were under a sort of spell or compulsion that drove them to continue.

Keilhau tried a different route, but the sound of a snow slide nearby prompted him to follow his peers to warn them. He hurried up the path the others had taken and eventually joined them at the top.

The first ascent of Falketind is also known as the real discovery of Jotunheimen, as the potential and breadth of the of opportunities in the area became more apparent.

Nature and the Surroundings

Falketind lies South West in Jotunheimen, outside the National Park, but inside Utladalen Protected Area. Together with the south-lying Hjelledalstinden, it creates a majestic portal to the national park.

Who is this Hike Suitable for

This hike is very demanding and only suitable for experienced hikers in good physical shape.


The main season is summer/late summer. This is when the area is most suitable for trekking. To access Eidsbugarden which is the starting point for the trek, one needs to travel by M/B Bitihorn that runs from late June to the beginning of September.


Stay at Fondsbu DNT which is located by the shore of Bygdin Lake.

How to Get There

You can access the area by catching the M/B Bitihorn ferry from Bygdin (the place), and hopping off at Torfinnsbu. See timetable (TBC

  • Municipality: Årdal
  • Utladalen, Jotunheimen

Hike Info

  • Difficulty: Very Demanding
  • Distance: 6.7 kilometres (Out and back)
  • Climb Height: 1,050 meters
  • Elevation: 2,067 m.a.s.l.
  • Duration: 10-12 hours
  • Season: Summer
  • Guided Tour


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