Horseback Riding

Go ahead and saddle up! Jotunheimen National park offers Horseback riding throughout the park offer numerous guided rides-from 1-hour to 8-hour to more overnight trips. Some offer breakfast or outdoor dinners. Others offer pack trips that take you up to remote lakes and streams all with beautiful breath-taking views. All ages and levels of experience are welcome, even young children. We follow established trails across the park, into the mountains and through the National Park Jotunheimen. In these wild areas, keep your eyes open for native wildlife, especially elk , deer and wolverines, and interesting land formations. Witnessing it from the back of a horse offers a unique experience you won't want to miss. For additional information on horseback riding in the National Park Jotunheimen, please scroll down. 
fFjellritet Horseback riding

The horses are our lifestyle and we wish to take you on unforgettable nature adventures on horseback. We make all the arrangements - accommodation, meals and luggage transportation

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Horseback riding in the Norwegian mountains

By: Halvard Skurve