Jotunheimen Arrangement

With talented guides Jotunheimen Arrangement will show what Jotunheimen has to offer and provide great outdoor experiences to the people. The company is owned and operated by the guides, making sure that the road from the office to the mountain are short. When you contact us you will meet people who themselves are guides and can answer your queries.

Safety and walking experience are of paramount importance as we want participants to be left with a positive experience for the trip. Our guides have great expertise and experience in mountaineering and safety, which is an important element of mountain and guiding in the mountains.

Our main activity is in Jotunheimen where we want and provide wonderful experiences to the people, we have tours that are suitable for most people, from child-friendly Galdhøpiggen to more resilient rides like Store Austanbotntind and Store Skagastølstind for those who seek the more extreme nature experiences. We contribute in addition to adding your own customized group tours for those who wish it.
Jotunheimen Arrangement As

Activities, guiding, travel management, mountaneering and events.  We offer guiding and mountaneering, primarily in Jotunheimen National Park. We tailor events for your group.

Where to find us

Uranostindtraversen and Uranostind

Jotunheimen Arrangement AS