Travel with Valdresekspressen to Lom and Leirvassbu

Beautiful, varied Valdres stretches from the lush, water and forested valleys of the south, to Jotunheimen mighty peaks of the north which rises more than 2000 meters above sea level. There are only a few regions in Norway that has such a varied range of activities throughout all four seasons.

Valdresekspressen runs daily, all year round directly from the Oslo Bus Terminal - Fagernes - Årdalstangen / and Beitostølen. From 2016 we run a new route path on the evening departure from Oslo Bus Terminal via Oslo Airport to Fagernes. In summer the bus runs to Gjendesheim and as of July 1, 2016, this route extend on to Lom and Leirvassbu. Our modern and comfortable buses have free WiFi, 220 volt power outlets and restrooms on board.

Travel with Valdresekspressen to Lom and Leirvassbu
From July 1th. to September 4th. Valdresekspressen extend the route Oslo-Fagernes Beitostolen via Gjendesheim to Lom and Leirvassbu. Now, hikers and the "mountain people" will get a direct bus from Oslo and all the way to Leirvassbu with a good correspondence to Juvasshytta and Spiterstulen in Lom. Read more
Gjendesheim is beautifully located at the foot of Besseggen. If you want to take a hike in the heart of Jotunheimen this summer, the Valdresekspressen will have departures to Gjendesheim in the period from 1 July to 13 of September. Departures and tickets can be purchased in our Travel Planner.

Activity calendar and Hotel deals
In cooperation with local establishments The Valdresekspress can now offer several wonderful travel experiences. They offer everything from hotel weekend to dog sledding and arrangerete walks in the mountains. Take a look at the offers and see if you can find something interesting activities and trips for the whole family this fall and winter. The Valdresekspress drive you to the adventures.The list is available here.

Local travel card valid at Valdresekspressen
Customer Card Valdresekspressen
As a compensation for higher fares and reduced discounts we will from February 1 2015 allow customer cards also to be used for short journeys within Buskerud, with a discount 33%. It may be a bit more expensive for those who until now have used Value Cards, but cheaper than the old minimum price of NOK 60,-.

Changes in the night departure at 2115 from Oslo Bus Terminal. Line NW163 Valdresekspressen will from April 1th run the evening departure at 2115 from Oslo Bus Terminal via Oslo Airport and Dokka to Fagernes. Travel easily by bus from the airport to the beautiful Valdres in under 3 hours. Read more

Jotunheimen og Valdresruten Bilselskap AS

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varied Valdres

Valdres stretches from the lush, water and forested valleys of the south, to Jotunheimen mighty peaks of the north which rises more than 2000 meters above sea level.

NOR-WAY Bussekspress is one of the leading express coach chains in Norway with currently 17 routes covering most of southern Norway. Approximately 2.5 million passengers travel with us annually. NOR-WAY Bussekspress also has a wholly owned subsidiary company, Flybussekspressen AS with four lines serving both Oslo Airport Gardermoen and Moss Airport Rygge.

Marketing Company
NOR-WAY Bussekspress is a marketing company for the network. The operational responsibility lies with the individual companies, who are the owners of NOR-WAY. More than half of our routes are operated by two or more companies in a partnership.
The operating companies have the total responsibility of timetables, fares, discounts etc.
As a marketing company it is NOR-WAY Bussekspress' responsibility to do nationwide marketing and branding, as well as to facilitate information and sales to the public via the Internet.

NOR-WAY Bussekspress operates, through the wholly owned subsidiary Flybussekspressen AS, four lines directly from Majorstuen (FB1), Bekkestua (FB3), Ski (FB4) and Fredrikstad (FB11) to Oslo Airport (OSL). The line from Fredrikstad is also serving Moss Airport (RYG). 

What do we offer?
Are you tired of cramped seats, poor legroom, long check-in queues and high prices for the checked baggage? With us you will experience extra leg room, free coffee, the most modern and environmentally friendly buses and some of the country's best and most friendly drivers.

We know that accessibility is very important to our passengers, also online. You can now pre-purchase your ticket online for most of our express bus routes. It is also possible to buy the ticket on board the bus when boarding. You can pay by card on all our express buses. 

Our main task is of course to get you safely and comfortably to your destination at the right time. And we dare to be proud of our punctuality.

Regulatory framework
An important area of concern is to improve the general conditions for our business. We have a close and constructive dialogue with the relevant authorities (ministries, municipalities, road authorities, etc.), aiming to provide an even better product for our customers. It can be about anything from the design of bus stops and terminals, the repair of roads, general improved accessibility for public transport, and last,- but not least, implemention of more seperate lanse for public transport.