Kings Road – Vang – Photo by Sverre Hjornevik
Kings Road – Vang – Photo by Sverre Hjornevik

The King’s Road: Grand Tour (6-days)

Viking chiefs, medieval kings and the Danish King's officials. They all had one thing in common when they traveled between the East and West of Norway; they had to walk over the Filefjell mountain. Are we as good as our ancestors? Join the King's Road Supreme tour!

Okay, the Danish bishop Pontoppidan had a lazy journey. He was dragged on a sled across the mountain by local peasants in 1749, not just one, but two times. Everyone else had to use their feet. Even with the help of horses it was a fatiguing journey.

In our time, we can experience this as an adventure. Join in for a memorable five-day hike on the King's Road across Filefjell. Reach the highest point at 1250 m.a.s.l. - a hike trough some of the most amazing nature Norwegian has to offer, and experience rich cultural heritage site and monuments on the way. You walk from East-Norway to West-Norway, starting in the valley of Valdres, spend the nights in hotels and cabins, and ends up in the valley of Lærdal, in the old town of Lærdalsøyri by the Sognefjord.

In the meantime, we carry the luggage for you. A bit like we did with Pontoppidan.

Meal plan:

  • Breakfast & lunch to go

Luggage transportation:

  • From Rogn Camping to Tyin Filefjellstuene
  • From Tyin Filefjellstuene to Maristova
  • From Maristova to Eggum Gard
  • From Eggum Gard to Lærdalsøyri


  • Day: 1 - Rogn Camping
  • Day: 2 - Tyin Filefjellstuene
  • Day: 3 - Maristova
  • Day: 4 - Eggum Gard
  • Day: 5 - Lærdalsøyri

Agenda day 1:

  • Accommodation: Rogn Camping

    Rogn camping is located along the E16 at Begna river. Many people come here to fish, paddle in the river or go hiking in the mountains or in the woods. Rogn camping is a reasonable stay during your holiday. Rogn camping is situated at the beginning of the King's Road across Filefjell.

  • Rogn Camping – Kongevegen
    Rogn Camping – Kongevegen

Agenda day 2:

  • Hiking: The King’s Road: Kvamskleive - Øye - Tyinkrysset

    Difficulty: Challenging
    Time: 5-6 hour(s)
    Distance: 19 kilometers
    Ascent height: 500 meters

    Start your hike at Kvamskleive and continue like the locals with public transportation from the end of Kvamskleive to Øye. Or skip the first part to start directly at Øye to avoid any extra transportation.

    Kvamskleive was in use from 1808 and replaced an older road on the other side of lake Vangsmjøse. Parts of the road were terribly steep, and travelers called what they saw under the road for «abyss» and «life-threatening».

    At the end of Kvamskleive, at Søndrol, you have come down to the highway E16 again and will take public bus to Øye (bus is not included in the package).

    From Øye the King's Road goes in hilly terrain and with a few exceptions on grass cover up towards Tyinkrysset. If you want to take a look at the beautiful Øye Stave Church before you start, walk aprox. 1.5 kilometers further along the old E16 towards Øye.

  • Øye StaveChurch – Kings Road
    Øye StaveChurch – Kings Road
    Kings Road – Vang – Photo by Sverre Hjornevik
    Kings Road – Vang – Photo by Sverre Hjornevik
    Kings Road – Vang – Photo by Sverre Hjornevik
    Kings Road – Vang – Photo by Sverre Hjornevik
  • Accommodation: Tyin Filefjellstuene

    Filefjellstuene is located in amid beautiful surroundings, in the heart of Tyin/Filefjell. It is a lively place both during summer and winter as there a re loads of activities to do here such as ski touring, cross country skiing, alpine skiing, and trekking. Welcome

  • Filefjellstuene – Kongevegen
    Filefjellstuene – Kongevegen

Agenda day 3:

  • Hiking: Tyinkrysset - Kyrkjestølen - Maristova

    Difficulty: Challenging
    Time: 5-7 hour(s)
    Distance: 18 kilometers
    Ascent height: 400 meters

    Large parts of the route follow the beautiful lake Otrøvann. The lake is also known as Støgovatnet, and is located 971 m a.s.l.

    Between Kyrkjestølen and Maristova, you will cross the actual Filefjell and reach Kongevegen’s highest point.

    The stretch across Murkløpphøgda is an exciting walk of some 10 km, with spectacular views of the Hurrungane peaks.

    Here you can see what it meant to build a road according to «the French principle». It was as straight a line as possible, with great emphasis on drainage and foundation work, but without any particular consideration for the character of the terrain.

  • Kings Road – Photo Statensvegvesen
    Kings Road – Photo Statensvegvesen
    Kings Road – Photo Statensvegvesen
    Kings Road – Photo Statensvegvesen
  • Accommodation: Maristova

    Maristuen is located near the E16 between Oslo and Bergen, 810 m.a.s.l. on the mountain Filefjell.

    It's 40 kilometer to the Sognefjord and Lærdalsøyri.

    Maristuen is a great place for hiking on the King's Road. And a good place for daytrips to the Sognefjord, Jotunheimen, Flåm, Vettisfossen and the glaciers in Jostedalen.

  • Maristova – Kongevegen
    Maristova – Kongevegen

Agenda day 4:

  • Hiking: The King’s Road: Maristova - Borgund - Eggum Gard

    Difficulty: Challenging
    Time: 3-4 hour(s)
    Distance: 14 kilometers

    The stretch between Maristova and Borlaug is 7 km long, and has an elevation of 300 metres. Most is on grassy track and is the original Kongevegen.

    If you start at Maristova and head west, you will immediately encounter the spectacular wooden bridges – all built according to instructions issued by the Director-General of Roads, J. C. Hammer, in 1794. These were the type of bridges that formed part of Kongevegen when it was completed in the 1790s.

    Kongevegen then continues along straight, grassy stretches.

  • Maristova – Borgund – Visit Kongevegen
    Maristova – Borgund – Visit Kongevegen
    Maristova – Borgund – Visit Kongevegen
    Maristova – Borgund – Visit Kongevegen
  • Accommodation: Eggum Gard

    Stay in one of the many cabins at Eggum Gard. A great location to start your Kings Road hike.

  • Eggum – Kongevegen
    Eggum – Kongevegen

Agenda day 5:

  • Hiking: The King’s Road: Eggum Gard - Borgund Stave Church - Selto

    Difficulty: Challenging
    Time: 5-7 hour(s)
    Distance: 13 kilometers
    Descent height: 300 meters

    Are you ready to walk to the most famous sections of the King's Road across Filefjell? You will experience Vindhellavegen, Øygardsvegen and Galdane. You will also be able to visit the world known attraction Borgund Stave Church.

  • Kings Road – Galdane
    Kings Road – Galdane
    Kings Road – Borgund Stave Church
    Kings Road – Borgund Stave Church
  • Accommodation: Lærdalsøyri

    Accommodation in one of the many historic buildings in old town of Lærdalsøyri. The choices are Lindstrøm Hotel, Sanden Guesthouse, Old Town Boutigue Apartments or Merchant Henry's Yellow Store. The location is automatically selected for you based on capacity. Breakfast is included.

  • Lærdalsøyri -Løeytnantsbryggja
    Lærdalsøyri -Løeytnantsbryggja

Agenda day 6:

  • Outdoor: The King’s Road: Departure Day

    Enjoy your free time at Lærdalsøyri before you travel back to start for your private car. Or take one of the bus options back to Oslo/Bergen.

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