Bygdin Høifieldshotell

Bygdin Fjellhotel is situated south of Jotunheimen, near the lake "Bygdin" in an altitude of 3910 ft. It is 12km north of Beitostølen and 22 km from Besseggen. The main road 51 over Valdresflya passes the hotel. The Hotel was built in 1912, and in 1955 and 1965 extensions were added on. The hotel has an old-fashioned warm style,which has been maintained throughout the entire building. Bygdin Fjellhotel is situated at the boarder of Jotunheimen National Park, with a view to fantastic scenery over the mountains with peaks up to 6900ft.


Bygdin Høifieldshotell is located 1065 meters above sea level, next to Bygdin lake and 12 km north of the tourist area Beitostølen. Just outside the door you will also find Jotunheimen National Park, with several different hiking tours and some of the highest mountains in Norway. The known Besseggen route starts only 20 km away. On Bygdin lake you will also find M/B Bitihorn, the local transportation boat from 1912 with 2 daily departures.

Bygdin Høifieldshotell has been operated since 1897. With this history you will find several extinguished rooms, some historical and some brand new. Some with a bath and shower, and some rooms with access to bath in the hallway. These rooms include a housecoat/robe and slippers. All rooms have access to sauna and shower in the first floor. Bygdin Høifieldshotell try to keep the old style and atmosphere. Furnitures and other equipment around the building can be traces back through history and gives the building its soul. There is also space for mountain boots, ski shoes, dining shoes, bikes and of course space for your dogs.

Activities around Bygdin

Bygdin is the perfect location and starting point for several hiking and biking routes. Take a walk or biking trip along the Bygdin lake. The road is a easy flat gravel road that is great both for biking and hiking. The route is only 6 km as a roundtrip and suitable for short easy trip just to enjoy the beautiful scenery. For a bigger challenge you can try the Via Ferrata to Synshorn. A 400 meter climb up to the Synshorn Peak, supported by a guide, equipment and a settled route with a high level of safety. The trip takes about 4 hours, and is well worth it when you reach the top!


Beds: 130
Restaurant: Yes


Address: Bygdin Hotel, Bygdinvegen 6920, 2953 Beitostølen
Phone number: +47 61 34 14 00
E-mail: [email protected]


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Welcome to Bygdin Hotel and the Bygdin area. The Hotel is the perfect starting points for dosens of hikes in the area.