Snowshoeing at Eidsbugarden

Right outside the doorstep of the mountain lodges at Eidsbugarden, the wild nature awaits to be explored and experienced. Jotunheimen is an enormous national park, with numerous options for exciting nature exploration,and we will seek out some hidden gems in this beautiful landscape. Your lunch is enjoyed outside by the bonfire, and you will have a traditional bonfire-coffee. In the evening, you will get the chance to experience an interesting lecture about the history of the area.

Snowshoe Hike: Snowshoeing at Eidsbugarden

Difficulty: Moderate
Time: 1-3 hour(s)
Distance: 5 kilometers
Ascent height: 250 meters
Descent height: 250 meters

Our product(s) with Snowshoeing at Eidsbugarden:

Snowcoach Winter Adventure (3-days)

Join us for this snowcoach and snow-shoe holiday in Jotunheimen! Hike the entire time or just relax and enjoy your leisure time at Fondsbu Tourist Cabin! Its up to you!