Snowshoeing on Kings Road

"Kings Road” or “The historic Royal Route” is a 100km long cultural heritage that was the original main road between Oslo and Bergen. Today its one of the best restored and maintained hiking tracks in the area.

The walk along Kings Road across Filefjell offers several tracks and paths. It is a great route both for hikers of all levels of experience. The paths can offer everything from great scenery in short 2 km walks to multi-day tours and excursions.

For this tour you will hike over Filefjell, from Kyrkjestølen to Maristova, taking you over the highest point of Kongevegen. The high mountain trail, above the treeline, provides incredible views of Jotunheimen and the nearby fjords.

You will also hike Vindhellavegen, the most spectacular stretch of Kongevegen over Filefjell, beginning next to Borgund Stav Church. The road goes through the Vindhella and turns you back and forth down the steep road to Husum. It is a good depiction of what types of roads were possible to build before the time of the dynamite. Built in 1842-43, the road was only suitable for horse and cart.

Snowshoe Hike: Snowshoeing on Kings Road

Difficulty: Challenging

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