The King’s Road: Maristova - Borgund - Eggum Gard

The stretch between Maristova and Borlaug is 7 km long, and has an elevation of 300 metres. Most is on grassy track and is the original Kongevegen.

If you start at Maristova and head west, you will immediately encounter the spectacular wooden bridges – all built according to instructions issued by the Director-General of Roads, J. C. Hammer, in 1794. These were the type of bridges that formed part of Kongevegen when it was completed in the 1790s.

Kongevegen then continues along straight, grassy stretches.

Hiking: The King’s Road: Maristova - Borgund - Eggum Gard

Difficulty: Challenging
Time: 3-4 hour(s)
Distance: 14 kilometers

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