Horseback Riding


We offer unique, fun and safe family friendly “hands-on” activities for all ages and levels
Myhre Gård

The mountains offer riding adventures for everyone! Novice or expert, there are options for everyone!

There is nothing like heading out into the wilderness accompanied by majestic and sturdy horses. Go ahead and saddle up and let these beautiful animals show you their home. In Jotunheimen National park there are several horse ranches that offer day trips from Oslo and overnight tours, some also including accommodations and meals. Discover the mountains, pine forests, remote lakes and streams from the back of a horse,a truly is special and unforgettable experience.

This family friendly activity is perfect for people of all ages and level of experience, as long as you like animals and want to learn more about horses.

The horses are our lifestyle and we wish to take you on unforgettable nature adventures on horseback. We make all the arrangements – accommodation, meals and luggage transportation

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Horse Trekking: Day-tour from Oslo
Eager to ride up into the mountains? This is your chance. With a day-tour straight from the middle of Oslo to the centre of Norway and the mountains. Full day of horsebackriding before heading back to the city life.
Lunch Only

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Horse Trekking: Mountain Adventure (2-days)
Riding in the surroundings of Beitostølen, in the wilderness of the foothills of the Jotunheimen and Langsua national parks. The mysterious legends of the Trolls and the Giants. The perfect outdoor adventure for those who want to experience more than a single day trip.
Half Board: Breakfast & Dinner