River Rafting


Jotunheim’s rivers run from high mountains to the deep sea. Hungry for water, the streams are fed by snow, ice and rain. Some have a mellow and tranquil character while others are wild and violent, offering extreme sport possibilities.

Rafting can be an extreme sport for the most daring as well as an exciting family activity. Our rafting centres offer a range of different options, including family rafting which is tailored to accommodate children.

Whether you prefer an easy going grade 1 river to float on, a grade 5 ‘water beast’ to tame or anything in between, you can find it here. Qualified rafting guides will lead you through the wet wilderness for hours or days, providing all necessary special gear and clothing while complying with the highest safety rules and guidelines.

Sjoa Rafting

Bordering Jotunheimen you will find Sjoa. Sjoa is considered one of the best white-water rafting rivers in the world!

Experience all the best Sjoa can offer from the extensive Murudalen valley, the dramatic Åsengjuvet and the gorge “Chocolate Canyon” to mention some. Close to Sjoa you will also find the rivers Ottaelva and Gudbrandsdalslågen, both more ideal for a more gentle white-water experience.

You will be able to find tours from 3 hours all the way up to a full day with 8 hours out in the nature! The different rafting tours range from family friendly rafting to some of the most extreme and challenging river activities in the world.

Drifting away through fairytale forests or pounding on the white heads of a river gone wild, Jotunheimen National Park offers the full floating monty.

  • Season: May – October

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