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Valdres and Jotunheimen are located in the county of Oppland, in the centre of Norway. Jotunheimen has for centuries attracted tourists and hikers to explore the mountains, and officially became a national park in 1980. In Valdres, which is the region located South West of Jotunheimen, hunting, farming, fishing, agriculture and forestry have been the most important industries. Furthermore, Valdres has a thriving summer farm culture; during the warmer seasons cows, horses, goats and sheep can be seen grazing throughout the region. The region is also home to a range of different farming and food traditions; Valdres is known for their local dining delicacies and their local twist on traditional Norwegian dishes.

Today, many farms in the region are opening their doors to welcome visitors to come and experience traditional Norwegian farm life. You will get to learn about the culture, meet the farm animals such as lamas, horses, piglets and goats, and try local treats.

Explore traditional Norwegian country side and farming.  A relaxing and rewarding experience.



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