Jotunheimen – Getting in, out, and around


Jotunheimen location

Jotunheimen is famous for Northern Europe’s highest mountain, its pristine nature, hiking trail in the rich vegetation, wildlife and endless outdoor recreation possibilities in the area. The National Park has thousands of kilometres of hiking trails covering all kinds of terrain. Park along the road and walk a short hike from your car. Or take a day in the mountains, a week among the lakes or rivers, or hike throughout the summer and see it all! Choose the track that suits your ability and schedule.There is no “main entrance”, and there are no entrance fees. In Norway the parks are owned by everybody and nobody, its open for all to come and go as you like. Remember to reduce your footprint, by not leaving anything behind. Use the trail where possible, and clean up all your trash.Jotunheimen National park is situated between Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim in the heart of Norway. The park borders the Utladalen Protected Landscape Area. It is also close to Lom, Vågå & Vang (county of Oppland) as well as Luster & Årdal (county of Sogn & Fjordane)

Getting to Jotunheimen

Jotunheimen National Park is centrally located in the heart of Norway. The park is easily accessible from Norway’s major cities Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim.

Public transport is a good and affordable way to reach Jotunheimen.

By car you can reach Jotunheimen from Bergen, Gardermoen or Oslo by in about 4 hours.

Traveling within Jotunheimen National Park

The Gjende boat (Gjendebåten)

Gjendebåten has daily departures between Gjendebu, Gjendesheim, and Memerubu in the high season. They also run weekends in September.

The M/B Bitihorn boat

M/B Bitihorn runs between Bygdin, Torfinnsbu and Eidsbugarden.