Indre Ofredal - ne fø' sjøen

Indre Ofredal ne fø’ sjøen (Indre Ofredal – down by the lake) is a renovated old settlement rebuilt into a tourist station with accommodation.


Welcome to the idyllic cluster of accommodations at “Indre Ofredal ne fø’ sjøen” (Indre Ofredal – down by the lake). This was once a vacated old settlement, now thanks to volunteers it has been rebuild into a unique place to stay. Indre Oferdalen is ideal for guest who wants to stay somewhere out of the ordinary. It’s located by the shores of Sognefjorden.

The accommodation will be in both the main building and in the old boat house.

Bring your camera on a treasure hunt for scenic fjord photos or details of historical artifacts. Or just enjoy the relaxing sounds of waves hitting the harbour.

If you arrive by car to Indre Oferdal you will drive through a long and steep tunnel. In fact, maybe the steepest tunnel in the world at 17% degrees at the steepest part.


Indre Oferdalen serves lunch and dinner in the main house or boathouse. Make sure to make an appointment before you arrive, and note the menu will change day-by-day. If you happened to pass by during the day, they will still have some homemade waffles, cakes and beverage available.

Guiding by appointment

There is a lot to see and explore! You have the old sawhouse with saw from 1620 (10 upward blade), the old mill and the boathouse. The main building is from 1862, and now also acts as a museum.


Beds: 14
Restaurant: Yes


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Discover Indre Ofredal (3-days)

Located deep in the Sognefjord, Indre Ofrdeal, was once a vacated old settlement that thanks to volunteers has been granted a new life and restored into a unique place to stay. Stay in cozy rooms that carry evidence of a life few of us have known,...