Discover Jotunheimen

Welcome to Jotunheimen, Norway’s greatest national park!

Take a hike and discover some of the best mountain hikes in Norway. The different categories are tailored to fit every level, from the first time hiker to the experienced mountaineer, so that you can find the trek that is perfect for you. The tours take you to everything from the most scenic trails, to the lushest valleys, to some of the highest peaks!

  • The white route, is tailored for the beginner. The routes are shorter, the climbs are lower and the views… well the views are still great!
  • The green route is created for casual hikers. Longer hikes than the white route, and full day hikes. 
  • The red route is challenging and has more height meters than the green route. Full day hikes, with mountain peaks!
  • The black route is one of the more demanding multi-day hikes we offer. The route has two very demanding mountain peaks. Both peaks are guided by professional guides and some equipment will be required to be able to reach the peaks.

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Svartdalen (The Black Valley)

The popular hiking route from Torfinnsbu to Gjendebu takes you through Svartdalen – meaning “The Black Valley” –, which is often referred to as the most beautiful valley in Jotunheimen. As you wander through this lush valle...

Discover Jotunheimen: Besseggen and Svartdalen (4-days)

Try the Jotunheimen highlight combination of two of the best hikes in the area, Svartdalen and Besseggen. The tour is a great fit for hikers in good physical condition and with some previous hiking experience.

Discover Jotunheimen: White Route (5-days)

Are you new to hiking and want to try some of the easier tours? Then this is the perfect tour for you and the entire family. The route offers great views, and easy hiking routes!

Discover Jotunheimen: Green Route (6-days)

Enjoy Jotunheimen National Park on your own self-guided tour. Accommodation and meals are included and your luggage is transported between the hikes.

Discover Jotunheimen: Red Route (8-days)

Expand on your “Green Route” with a guided hike over the Besseggen ridge, and an extra day with a guided hike to the Uranostind glacier.

Discover Jotunheimen: Green Route With Guide (8-days)

Join our guide and Discover Jotunheimen on a group tour. Full meal plan, guide service transportation and luggage transfer is included.

Discover Jotunheimen: Black Route (8-days)

Join us for some of the highlights in Jotunheimen. Uranostind, Besseggen and Østre Torfinnstind! We support you with a guide and equipment for the two most demanding hikes.