Trekking in Jotunheimen National Park


Hiking VS Trekking


  • Hikes are ‘One Day’ activities that doesn’t need so much planning.
  • Hiking is an act of walking but leisure walk compared to other sports.


  • A trek is a longer and a harder hike.
  • It is an adventurous journey undertaken on foot i mountainous terrain or in areas where common means of transport are generally not available.
  • Trekking activity may be conducted for one day but it is mostly more than one day activity.

Jotunheimen Trekking Routes

There are several known trekking routes in Jotunheimen. And you can easily create your own by using the normal trails and hike between the DNT cabins and hotels in the national park.

Route suggestions

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Historical Route Jotunheimen

Duration: 4-7 days
Length:: 50km
Climbing height: 3190m

Follow the path of the pioneers in Norway’s mountaineering history on the historical route from Gjendesheim to Eidsbugarden, through Jotunheimen National Park.

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Discover Jotunheimen

Duration: 4-8 days

Several routes around Bygdin and Gjende lake ranging from 4-8 days, designed to fit everyone from beginners to experienced hikers.

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