National Park Combo


Combine Tour de Dovre and Mjølkevegen, two of the best cycling routes in Mountain Norway. Discover no less than five national parks; Dovrefjell, Dovre, Rondane, Langsua and last but not least, Jotunheimen. This route brings the highlights from the area. No other cycling route in Norway can offer a variety of nature, terrain and history comparable to this one. You will mainly travel on gravel roads, with occasional short legs along the main roads and face both steep, strenuous ascents and exhilarating descents.

Experience Norwegian mountain culture such as village life and the farm culture up-close, and explore picturesque mountain terrains and valleys

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Tesse Roundtour (2-days)
Stay a night at Lemonsjøen and explore the area around Lemonsjøen and Tesse during the day. The tour is also a great addon to the Mjølkevegen packages.
Hiking Board: Breakfast, Lunch to go & Dinner

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National Park Route: Mjølkevegen and Tour de Dovre (10-days)
This 359 km long route through The National Parks combines two of the best cycling routes in Mountain-Norway, Mjølkevegen and Tour de Dovre.
To/from Oslo Full Board: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

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Biking Routes in Jotunheimen National Park

The magic of Jotunheimen National Park can perhaps best be discovered on two wheels. Cycle through Jotunheimen and its unique landscape! Descent from its green slopes, fight and conquer the Homes of the Giants and find the park’s hidden gems with the wind whispering in your ears and the sun caressing your skin. Norway, with […] Read more

Cycling Routes in Jotunheimen

Planning on a vacation in or around Jotunheimen and looking for some good cycling routes? This is the right place! Customise your own tour or try one of our standard cycling packages. Read more

Tour de Dovre

Cycle in Dovre and Rondane Tour de Dovre together with Mjølkevegen is amongst the best cycling rutes Mountain-Norway has to offer. This 126 km long round-trip route takes you through beautiful mountain terrains, valleys and scenic farmlands, and through no less than three National Parks; Rondane, Dovre and Dovrefjell. Cycle on the National Park Route, […] Read more

Mjølkevegen (The Old Milk Route)

Cycle through Jotunheimen on Mjølkevegen Mjølkevegen (The Old Milk Route) offers 250 km of cycling from Vinstra in the North to Gol in the South. You will find everything from steep mountain climbs and fast descent to flat landscape landscape and even a 20 km cruise tour across Bygdin Lake. Over the years, people have […] Read more