Dog Sledding, Husky Experiences in Norway


“Our mission is to inspire you, excite you and engage you into our world” 
-Beito Husky Tours

About Dog Sledding

In the Jotunheimen National Park you can enjoy a unique dog sledding experience in the heart of Norway. Travel through stunning and untouched landscapes in the company of experienced mushers and energetic huskies, and feel the silence and peace of the mountains. If you are up for the challenge, you can become a part of the crew and not “just another guest”! And yes, this means that YOU will get to be the one leading your own group of Huskies!

Beito Husky Tours

Beito Husky Tours arrange unique dog sledding experiences in the heart of Norway. You will be welcomed by a team of mushers and a pack of 60 energetic and happy dogs. Beito Husky is a local company and part of a unique traditional Norwegian society, with important roots in agriculture and the sport of skiing. The team are passionate about animals and committed to running their business putting the well-being of their dogs first. This results in happy and healthy dogs that are well taken care of and love to run with their pack in the woods.

Only a few hours drive from Oslo city in Norway, the experienced guides are looking forward to sharing their passion and knowledge for the Norwegian nature and dogs with you! There are also pre-made tour packages taking you from the city-life to your dog sledding tour and back in just one day. But of course we recommend combining the experience with a multi day tour!

Husky Tours and unique dog sledding experiences in the heart of Norway, right between the Norwegian National Parks of Langsua and Jotunheimen


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