Visit Jotunheimvegen


This 45-kilometre long toll road winds through open and easily accessible mountain terrain.

The road is located at RV51 from Bygdin and Finnbølslia from Skåbu. From the road you can enjoy stunning views across large lakes and toward spectacular mountain peaks. Herds of reindeer can be seen grazing in the area, and at Store Nuten traces of old animal pits can be found. Experience mountain farming along the Vinster lake, and take time out to enjoy the grazing goats, cattle and sheep. Sanddalen is a heritage site.Panoramic views of Buhø and Vassklepp. With Haugseter Fjellstue as a starting point, you have excellent opportunities for canoeing, rambling, peak ascents, fishing and bicycle trips. From Kvålseter, you can follow the signs to the 17th century falcon facility. 

At Nørdre Sandåa, restoration of an old fishery is underway. Skåbu enjoys a high-altitude location, and features a beautiful church, a village museum and a factory producing the famous Krogenæs furniture. At Beitostølen and in Skåbu you will find a petrol station and several shops.

The road usually opens around 20th of June and closes in October depending on weather and snow conditions.

Source: Visit Lillehammer

Jotunheimvegen is a 45 kilometres (28 mi) long toll road through Jotunheimen in Oppland county in Norway.  It goes from Skåbu to Slangen and the lakes Sandvatnet en Vinstri until the road RV 51.  Jotunheimvegen is only open in the summer: from the end of June until it starts to snow, generally in October. Nearby is the Peer Gynt tourist road to Lillehammer. Nearby is also the national park Ormtjernkampen.