Farm Holidays & Private Cabins

Private Cabins

Nestled high in the middle of eastern Norway, Jotunheimen National Park is situated in some of the most scenic landscapes in the country. Most of the activities are for the active. Hiking, fishing, and horseback riding are among favorites. Renting a cabin is the perfect way to escape the daily hustle and bustle and instead enjoy the tranquility of the surrounding nature. Nestled across the country are several great cabin retreats, each offering a unique experience. Whether you’re looking to stay close to home or in a new mountainous region, there is something for everyone. It’s wonderful in the summer, but also during fall and winter, as the changing foliage complements the landscape. If you get a cabin here, don’t forget a camera.

Farm holidays

Nothing beats the rewarding feeling of a holiday in the countryside of the National Park en surroundings, and with our working farm cottages, you can enjoy a farm holiday in many of Norway’s most desirable rural locations.

Working farm holidays in the Jotunheimen National Park offer a wonderful opportunity to experience the slower pace of rural life whilst staying in a cottage surrounded by our beautiful rough Norwegian countryside. Your children will love meeting the animals and spending endless hours playing outside and you’ll love the peace and quiet of the countryside. Farm holidays are always a little bit different With a collection of typical Norwegian farmhouses (Bygdetun), we can offer farm holidays for families, couples, large groups – and with our dog friendly cottages – your dogs as well!

No matter if you come with your children or only in two, if you prefer walking or horseback riding in the park, if you like healthy organic food or a farmers’ snacks, wonderful farm holidays in the National Park offer everything your heart could desire throughout all the seasons. Here you find a selection of wonderful farms in and around the National Park in the beating hart of Norway.

Farm Holidays & Private Cabins

Brimi Sæter

Brimi sæter offers a unique experience with self produced food. Meet the animals and learn how Brimi sæter makes their own cheese. Beautiful nature and lots of cultural history.

Indre Ofredal - ne fø' sjøen

Indre Ofredal ne fø’ sjøen (Indre Ofredal – down by the lake) is a renovated old settlement rebuilt into a tourist station with accommodation.

Jotunheimen Husky Lodge

Easily accessible at Randsverk north in Gudbrandsdalen, the lodge offers three self-service apartments with 20 beds in total. Just behind the lodge you’ll find the atmospheric wilderness camp and husky kennel with 30 playful dogs who are happy to become your best friends.

Jotunheimen Panorama

Almost soaring above beautiful Bøverdalen valley lies the arctic domes Hugin and Munin. Just beneath the Juvass plateau awaiting guests in search for the extra special accommodation. Build a memory of being close to the grand nature around the domes and to have had the opportunity to let your th...

Piltingsrud Gård

Welcome to charming Piltingsrud gård where you can enjoy time on a real farm and a real farm lifestyle. Come meet the farm animals such as lamas, goats, and horses, sheep. pigs, cows and of course all their little babies. It's a wonderful experience to spend time on a farm in beautiful surroundi...


Syndsinstøga is located among charming mountain pastures and cabin areas. Syndsinstøga has a restaurant, local shop, apartments, cabins and a few lavvos. The small mountain lodge offers a true local atmosphere and is a meeting point for the locals. The area is a good fit for biking tours and di...

Vetti Gard Turiststasjon

Vetti Gard Turiststasjon is a small mountain farm, rebuilt into a classical and historic hiking station. The facilities and rooms are simple, but well maintained in a traditional style. This is a perfect location to start or end your multi-day hike, or a great destination for a hike from Hjelle a...