DNT Mountain Lodges

Den Norske Turistforeningen (DNT)

Den Norske Turistforening (DNT) – the Norwegian Trekking Association – was founded in 1868, in the spirit of promoting sustainable outdoor tourism in Norway.

Two years prior to its founding, writer and poet Aasmund O. Vinje wrote in Dølen newspaper how philanthropist and banker Thomas Heftye had convened a meeting to discuss “the suitability of founding a trekking association”. His message was heard and resonated with the values and visions of the 223 members who joined the founding meeting, January 21st, 1868.

DNT has since grown to be the largest outdoor organisation, holding more than 300, 000 members, and 57 local organisations across the country; from the North Cape in the North to Kristiansand in the South, from Bergen in the West and Østfold in the East.

DNT Oslo og Omegn (“Oslo and surroundings”) is the largest member association by number and stems directly from the original DNT of 1868. The late 1880’s saw the founding of trekking associations in other principal cities such as Trondheim, Stavanger, Skien, Kristiansand and Drammen.

DNT aims to promote straightforward, active, versatile and environmentally-friendly outdoor activities and to preserve the outdoors and the cultural landscape.

The Norwegian outdoors is truly fantastic. However, activities such as hiking and skiing can provide some challenges as both terrain and weather vary, so it’s best to be well prepared. Load your pack well; know how to use and always carry a map and compass.

Enjoy your trekking!

DNT Mountain Lodges

The DNT network has around 500 cabins across the country available for tourists and travellers to use against a fee. The philosophy is that there should always be shelter available for those who need it, whether its planned or not. When that’s said, if you know you’re going to visit a particular cabin or going on a trek it is advisable to notify the cabin beforehand to secure a bed and facilitate the organisation of the running of the cabin. Below you can find our selected cabin for hikes, treks etc. in Jotunheimen.

Selected accommodations


Bjørnhollia lies South in Rondane. It has a nice and sheltered location which protects it from the wind and provides a warmish climate.

Fannaråkhytta DNT

Fannaråken lies at 2068 m.a.s.l, right on the peak of Fannaråken. It is the highest tourist lodge in Norway.

Fondsbu DNT

Fondsbu DNT is run by Solbjørg and is located at Eidsbugarden on the bank of lake Bygdin. Here you have access to many popular hikes, inculidng glaciers hikes.

Gjendebu DNT

Gjendebu is DNT’s oldest tourist lodge, built in 1871. Its located at the bank on the West of Gjende lake, at 990 m.a.s.l. The lodge has 119 beds, good room standard and shared showers and toilets facilities. Take the boat from Gjendesheim to the end of the lake and enjoy a night or two at Gjendebu!

Gjendesheim DNT

Gjendesheim has a long history all the way back to 1878. The cabin is run by DNT and located in the heart of the Norwegian mountains, with Besseggen as its neighbour.

Glitterheim DNT

Glitterheim DNT lies at the foot of Glittertid. From here you can access many 2000 meter peaks in the area. This is a family run accommodation, run by the Vole family.

Grimsdalshytta DNT

This accommodation consists of beautiful cultural buildings and gives a scenic panoramic view over Rondane mountains. Access to many easy hikes.

Nørdstedalseter DNT

This DNT cabin is located at the top of the Fortunsdalen valley in Breheimen. It is an important point connecting Jotunheimen and Breheimen.

Rondvassbu DNT

Rondvassbu DNT is found in the heart of Rondane National Park, surrounded by mountain peaks. It lies right by the south bank of Rondevatnet lake.

Skogadalsbøen DNT

This little pearl lies at 14 km from the nearest road. They say that it's as if time stands still here and the peaceful and beautiful surroundings make it easy for guests to relax.

Snøheim DNT

This newly renovated DNT cabin lies at Dovrefjell National Park. It has previously been owned and used by the Norwegian army.

Sota Sæter DNT

This DNT cabin is over a 100 years old and consists of ten buidlings spread out on a field. The climate is surprisingly warm and sheltered.

Torfinnsbu DNT

Torfinnsbu is a small self service DNT cabin. There are 30 beds and extra space for camping. The cabin is located at Bygdin lake at the entrance of Svartdalen (the black valley) and connected with daily scheduled transfer with M/B Bitihorn.

Tenting and Outdoor recreation

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Hotels and mountain lodges

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