Visit Klimapark 2469


The Climate Park 2469 is an outdoor adventure park focusing on history of the climate, hunting and trapping. Over the plateau Juvflye, by Galdhøpiggen, we have build a walkway with information boards. In the snowdrift Juvfonne, by the end of the walkway, we have build a tunnel into the ice. The ice here is as old as 6000 years. The ice tunnel is designed by the artist and sculptor Peder Istad. On the tour through the climate park the guide takes the group into an exiting landscape – a tour with adventures and learning. Mímisbrunnr was in the Norse mythology the source of knowledge and wisdom. Today, the climate park – Klimapark 2469 – is a source to history, nature and climate.

Stepping though the Ice Tunnel is like traveling 6000 years back in time. The easy walk leads you past rooms, corridors, exhibitions and an auditorium, educating you along the way on climate development, the nature and prehistoric hunting off Jotunheimen. It is a breathtaking journey during which your path is illuminated by the work of artist Peder Istad.

The Juvfonne Ice Tunnel is located about 1 kilometer through gentle terrain from the Juvasshytta car park and walking down the it is easy and suitable for most fitness levels and ages. The Klimapark is about 45 minutes from the centre of Lom by car of bus. You can reach the park by following the road to Juvasshytta (open from mid-May to mid-October). For more information and booking of guided tours please use this link:

The walk reaches an altitude of 1850m, and weather conditions change rapidly. Use hiking boots (warm shoes) and warm outdoor clothing, and bring hat and gloves.  A standard guided tour will last for about 3 hours.

MÍMISBRUNNR is the name of the well of knowledge and wisdom in Norwegian mythology. It is a name that was adopted by Mímisbrunnr Klimapark, being a magical experience of modern day science. The Klimapark is located near Juvasshytta at the foot of the Galdhøpiggen mountain in Jotunheimen National Park. It offers a chilling adventure for all ages: the 70 meter deep Ice Tunnel.