Tour de Dovre

Cycle in Dovre and Rondane

Tour de Dovre together with Mjølkevegen is amongst the best cycling rutes Mountain-Norway has to offer. This 126 km long round-trip route takes you through beautiful mountain terrains, valleys and scenic farmlands, and through no less than three National Parks; Rondane, Dovre and Dovrefjell. Cycle on the National Park Route, and discover the U-valleys of Gudbrandsdalen and Grimsdalen,

The route is a circular route and can be cycled both ways, as well started at any location.

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Tour de Dovre (5-days)

The Tour de Dovre cycling tour will help you discover the best of what Dovrefjell and Rondane have to offer. This is a 5-day tour that covers around 130 km, and is one of the most beautiful cycling trips in Norway.

Tour de Dovre - Route #2 (5-days)

Follow the same Tour de Dovre route, but we replace Trolltun with Toftemo accommodation for a slightly different package. The 132km tour offers the same fantastic views and the same cycling route.