How to get there by bus


Getting to Jotunheimen National Park – with public transportation

Valdresekspressen, Øst-VestXpressen and Fjordekspressen (Nor-Way)

With 6 daily departures from Oslo, as well several daily departures from Gardermoen. Valdresekspressen is by far the most eco-friendly way to travel to and from Jotunheimen from the capital area. Øst-VestXpressen operates buses in both directions from Bergen to Lillehammer through Fagernes with connection into Jotunheimen. Fjordekspressen has departures from Bergen to Trondheim through Lom.

The buses are new, modern 50+ seat buses (over 42 foot). Free WIFI, USB and power outlets are available on most of the buses. These long vehicles are very steady on the road and provide a comfortable journey. The length also enables good foot-room and reclining space between the seats. All seats have seat belts, use of which is mandatory. The temperature in the bus is of course regulated with air conditioning creating a comfortable environment for all season.

Local buses

For transportation inside of Jotunheimen you can use the government operated scheduled buses. Local busses via Otta-Vågå-Lom-Sogndal during the main season (end of June to mid-August) please refer to timetables on

Train (Vy)

There is no train service to Lom or Skjåk. The nearest train station is at Otta (60 kilometres from Lom). Buses to Jotunheimen connect here to the Norwegian State Railway trains running on the Dovre line between Oslo and Trondheim. For timetables and tickets, please refer to the VY or En-Tur.

Jotunheimen National Park is centrally located in the heart of Norway. The park is easily accessible from Norway’s major cities Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim. Public transport is a good and affordable way to reach Jotunheimen.

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