Utladalen and Vetti


Hiking between rivers and waterfalls in Vettisriket, Jotunheimen

Come discover Vettisriket, a hidden gem where mountain Norway meets the fjords. Travel by car or scheduled bus to Hjelle, and catch a glimpse of Hjellefossen before you travel by foot through Utladalen to Vetti Gard (farm) and Vettisfossen, Norway’s highest protected waterfall.

This is an easy hike and a lovely getaway with beautiful scenery, in Jotunheimen National Park. 

Discover the fairy-tale like and enchanting area of Utladalen, a scenic and lush valley, with a perfect mix of vegetation, rivers and waterfalls not found anywhere else in the rest of the National Park. Stay at the old farm, Vetti Gard, whose history dates back to 1120! It is said that it used to be wheat farm, but after the plague in the 14th century that killed half the Norwegian population, it was left uninhabited. Like many abandoned settlements in that period,  the farm was given the name “Øydegård”, which means “remote farm”. In 1714 the current owners, the Vetti-family arrived at the farm.  

Hike further into the park to Vettisfossen, Norway’s tallest protected waterfall. You can choose to climb to the top of the waterfall and take in the breathtaking view, or hike to the bottom and in the impressive sight.

Thomas Rasmus Skaug / Visitnorway.com


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