Torfinnsbu DNT

Torfinnsbu is a small self service DNT cabin. There are 30 beds and extra space for camping. The cabin is located at Bygdin lake at the entrance of Svartdalen (the black valley) and connected with daily scheduled transfer with M/B Bitihorn.


The self-managed cabin Torfinnsbu can be reached by the M/B Bitihorn from Bygdin or Eidsbugarden. It is also possible to hike to the cabin.

Torfinnsbu is located next to Bygdin lake, with easy access to several great hiking tours in the area. The cabin only offers selv service accommodation.

Behind Torfinnsbu you will find some great hiking routes like Svartdalen, Østre Torfinnstind and Kvitskardtinden, and several other 2000+ peaks.


Our products at Torfinnsbu DNT

Historical Route Jotunheimen (7-days)

Follow the path of the pioneers in Norway’s mountaineering history on the historical route from Gjendesheim to Eidsbugarden, through Jotunheimen National Park.

Mountain Peaks Package: Black (6-days)

We have handpicked our favorite peaks in Jotunheimen. Uranostind, Falketind and Torfinnstraversen. The perfect tour if you want to visit the best peaks in Jotunheimen in a week.

Mountain Peaks Package: Green (6-days)

We have handpicked some of the easier but scenic mountains around south of Jotunheimen. This tour is a good fit for guest who wants to start heading up and discover the world from the peak of Jotunheimen.