Tyinholmen (3)
Tyinholmen (3)

Tyinholmen Høyfjellsstuer

Tyinholmen is one of the most traditional places in Jotunheimen. Since it's opening in 1892 it has served as an excellent starting point to discover Jotunheimen. It lies at the North end of the Tyin Lake.


Tyinholmen is one of the oldest and most traditional tourist destinations in Jotunheimen. The site was already established in 1892 and has since been in continuous operation, all the time owned by the same family. Building materials and facilities have been expanded and upgraded along the way and adapted to different times' expectations. The magnificent surroundings and unique atmosphere of the place have always been the same.

Tyinholmen has a total of 80 beds and you may choose from comfortable cabins, rooms or a apartment. After a day filled with activity you will sleep well in solid beds with Jensen mattress. The cabins have from 5 to 8 beds, living room, kitchen and newly upgraded bathroom and toilet. The cabins are comfortable with rustic interior and solid furniture. In the living room there is a corner with a diningtable and seating for 6 people and centrally located there is a nice fireplace.

We highly recommend Tyinholmens cuisine that offers solid Norwegian mountain food based on local ingredients. All meals are served in the dining room. In the main building there are several nice living rooms including reception, dining room, fireplace, bar and a lounge. In the lounge you can retreat with a book from our small collection of mountain literature. Downstairs we have shower facilities with sauna, which is a popular choice after hiking in the mountains.

Activities around Tyinholmen

From Tyinholmen there is a 9 km long construction road into Koldedalen to the foot of Falketind. From the bicycle seat you can experience a spectacular high mountain range with impressive views of glaciers, waterfalls, blue green mountain water and well known 2000 meters peaks.

The perhaps most spectacular cycling trip from Tyinholmen is to follow the old road from Tyin towards Årdal, also known as the "1000 meter". The road goes on the mountainside at about 1000 - meter altitude across the valley. Instead it is very steep and the mountain area Hurrungane is revealed along the way while cycling down. Down from the highest point on the road, it winds for approx. 40 turns all the way down to the gravel road at Riksvei 53. Returning back to Tyin can be done by buss with Valdresekspressen or if you are up for it by bike the same way back.

Check with the reception for better descriptions and other tour suggestions.


Restaurant: Yes


Address: Eidsbugardvegen 1600, 2985 Tyinkrysset
Phone number: +47 61 36 78 88
E-mail: [email protected]


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Tyinholmen (3)
Tyinholmen (3)
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Tyinholmen (1a)
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Tyinholmen (5a)
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Tyinholmen (2a)

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Mjølkevegen: North Route (7-days)

Mjølkevegen is one of Norway’s most attractive cycling routes. The week-long North Route cycling trip will give you all the highlights of what this beautiful part of Norway has to offer from the comfort of your bike seat. 

  • Bus transportation round-trip from Oslo to start and end of tour available included
  • Transportation from end of route to start included
  • Transfers during route included
Hiking Board: Breakfast, Lunch to go & Dinner

Mjølkevegen: The Grand Tour (9-days)

If you’d like to get the most in-depth experience of Mjølkevegen, The Grand Tour is the perfect option for you. This 9-day trip will cover most of Mjølkevegen and its detours, taking you from Lemonsjøen in the north to Golsfjellet on the south side of the famous cycling route. 

Full Board: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner