Mjølkevegen: The “Milk Run” Through Jotunheimen

Join the Milk Run routes through and around Jotunheimen National Park. Mjølkevegen or The Old Milk route runs from Vinstra to Gol and covers around 185 kilometers. Passing through the edges of Jotunheimen, Golsfjellet and Valdres, the route has become a very popular cycling destination. Head out on your own with a tent and your bike to conquer Mjølkevegen, or join some of the more exclusive and organised tours with luggage transportation and 3-course dinners included.

Birgit Haugen has written a book about the route. The book “Mjølkevegen med avstikkere”, is a great road map for some of the best cycling tours in the area. We now offer Mjølkevegen tours with Birgit as the tour guide, so rest a sure you will have the best local guide in the area! Join Birgit on her chase for the best hidden gems and viewpoints in the area.

Mjølkevegen South Route

You can find the south routes of Mjølkevegen at Golsfjellet and Vaset. With several hotels and accommodation options available. The area is more flat and is a good fit for families, and beginners. Of course you can extend the routes for a more challenging cycling adventure.

Mjølkevegen North Route

The north routes with its detours of Mjølkevegen stretches from Beitostølen and north to Lemonsjøen and Vinstra. With a longer distance between the accommodations and sometimes more hills and height meters to ascent the routes are considered more difficult. From Bygdin lake it is also recommended to join the historical Bitihorn boat on a mountain cruise and continue the tour with a big detour around Tyin, and Slettefjell before heading to Beitostølen. This way you will both avoid the main road and get to extend your tour.

Cycling Tours in 2021

Together with Jotunheimen Travel we offer a few pre-made routes and options. Join a guided tour or maybe the popular self-guided tours are more your thing? Either way you can book your next cycling adventure already now!

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Mjølkevegen: South Route (5-days)

The South Route offers shorter, family-friendly cycling tours with beautiful views on the south side of Mjølkevegen. With less hills, great views and shorter routes, this 5-day trip is perfect for families and groups!

Mjølkevegen: Detours with Birgit (4-days)

Together with Birgit Haugen, the author of the popular book Mjølkevegen med avstikkere (translation: The Old Milk Route with detours) we offer guided cycling tours of some of her favourite routes. Join Birgit on a cycling adventure over a l...

Mjølkevegen: North Route (7-days)

Mjølkevegen is one of Norway’s most attractive cycling routes. The week-long North Route cycling trip will give you all the highlights of what this beautiful part of Norway has to offer from the comfort of your bike seat. 

Mjølkevegen: Detours with Birgit (7-days)

Join Birgit Haugen, the author of the popular book Mjølkevegen med avstikkere (translation: The Old Milk Route with detours), on a guided 7-day cycling adventure that’ll show you some of Birgit’s favourite spots around Mjø...

Mjølkevegen: The Grand Tour (9-days)

If you’d like to get the most in-depth experience of Mjølkevegen, The Grand Tour is the perfect option for you. This 9-day trip will cover most of Mjølkevegen and its detours, taking you from Lemonsjøen in the north to G...