Covid-19: Good go know before you go


We advise everyone to follow recommendations from Norwegian health authorities closely. Do not visit the area if you feel unwell or are in quarantine.

Visit Norway offers a good link to keep up with restrictions and information on traveling to and from Norway:

It is also good to keep the following in mind at all times when traveling both in Norway and around Jotunheimen.

  • Cash may no longer be accepted as payment.
    • Make sure to bring a Visa/Mastercard, both cards are accepted as the main payment solution in Norway.
    • More and more services can also be paid with the “local” payment app Vipps.
  • Keep your distance.
    • Wear a mask in crowded places, stores and public transportation.
    • Keep one meter distance from others where possible.
    • Masks can be bought at the local pharmacy.
  • Mountain lodges and hotels operate with some restrictions
    • Usually reduced capacity of accommodation
    • Reduced space in the restaurants
    • Reduced size and variety at breakfast buffet
    • Replaced buffet options with a smaller served at table a-la-carte menu
    • Make sure to book early and have a reservation in hand before traveling
    • Shared accommodation are likely not available – Expect to pay in full for a private room
    • Group rooms are also likely not available
  • Reduces capacity at boats, busses and trains
    • Make sure to book early and have a reservation in hand before traveling