Best year-round! with captivating activities for the whole family during all 4 seasons

Beitostolen has a typical Norwegian mountain climate that varies with the seasons. Beitostølen’s goal is to be Norway’s best year-round resort with captivating activities for the whole family during all 4 seasons.


Since Beitostølen is located high above sea level and has a mountain range as its neighbour, snow always comes early here. Beitostølen is nconsidered one of the most snow-sure resorts in Europe, and the ski season usually lasts from November through April. Learn more on what to do in winter here.


Spring is a special season in the mountains. It is the time when the sun warms up the winter cold bodies, while the snow is still sparkling on the ground.  At Beitostolen the spring air is free of pollen – which makes this a great destination for anyone with allergies that is looking for fresh air.  Put on your sun glasses and sun cream, strap on your skis and head up to Valdresflya 1369 m for a breathtaking view of Norwegian mountains and scenery! In the afternoon, Learn more on what to do in spring here.


Explore Jotunheimen in the summer when the sun melts away the snow, revealing a stunning scenery cut out of a Norwegian folk tale! The varied landscape arising from quiet roads, forest paths and water into steep mountain passes give you plenty of choice whether on foot, by bike or hanging from a cliff. Learn more on what to do in summer here.


From mid-September the whole of Beitostølen is colorized in beautiful fall colors. This is one of the best seasons for hiking in the Norwegian mountains and allow your lungs to be filled with fresh mountain air. Choose from one of the local hikes around the mountain village or climb the popular peaks Besseggen and Bitihorn with stunning views over the Norwegian autumn landscape and beautiful fjords! Learn more on what to do in autumn here.

Stay in one of the lovely “fjell Hotels” Gronolen or book a night in one of the nice cabins or book a “private hytte

When it comes to convenience you can’t beat the mountain village Beitostolen – 45 mins from the airport, all the accommodation really close to the ski school and lifts. Families love it because of this, the gentle ski terrain and the wide array of winter activities – it’s impossible for kids to get bored here.  Stay in one of the lovely “fjell Hotels” Gronolen or book a night in one of the nice cabins or book a “private hytte