Norway, with its winding roads, old earthen trails, vast mountain plateaus, rivers, pine forests and peaks, is perfect for cycling, and Jotunheimen living proof.

So get your muscles running and head on down the green highway. Cycling is one of the absolute best ways to explore the Norwegian mountains. Go at your own pace and cover long distances in only a few days.

Jotunheimen National Park offers countless possibilities for cycling, on paved and well-maintained roads or cross-country. Our most famous routes Mjølkevegen North and Mjølkevegn South, are based on the old Mjølkevegen “Milk Route” trail that stretches from Vinstra in the North to Gol in the South. These routes give to an epic combination of mountains and mountain plateau and a view of traditional farming landscapes in the Valdres region. Tour de Dovre is a five day round trip route that takes you through three national parks; Rondane, Dovre and Dovrefjell. If you’re up for a longer adventure you can also combine routes such as the National Park Combo Route.

Enjoy different landscapes with every turn you make. Let your wheels spin and take you to extraordinary places. Get into the saddle, meet people, listen to stories and make memories.

The magic of Jotunheimen National Park can perhaps best be discovered on two wheels. Descent from its green slopes, fight and conquer the Homes of the Giants and find the park’s hidden gems with the wind whispering in your ears and the sun caressing your skin.

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