About the Hike

Hiking to Torshamaren grants you sweeping views without too much effort, as you follow the gradually ascending trail to the summit. At the top, you’ll be surrounded by the majestic ​Jotunheimen peaks, with the beautiful Tyin Lake before you. The trail is easy to follow, except for the final kilometre, where it becomes a bit unclear. However, small cairns are provided, guiding you safely to the top.

Hike Description

From Eidsbugarden hotel, follow the main road (Eidsbugardvegen) for about 800 meters west towards Tyinholmen. Here you’ll see a signpost for the Torshamaren trail, taking you uphill through a cabin area. The trail is a bit rocky but otherwise easy to hike, witha gradual ascent. By the edge of the cabin area, you’ll reach a large pointed boulder. The trail leads you past the boulder uphill through the valley, along Sløtabekken Stream.

Torshamaren is located to the left, but the trail rounds the top from the northeastern side. Continue past the boulder for about 700 meters, until you reach another sizeable boulder (with a circular shape this time). Here you turn to the left (southwest). From this point, it’s about 1 kilometre left to the top. The trail is unclear, so look out for the small cairns showing you the way. From the top, far-reaching views of the magnificent Jotunheimen Peaks and Tyin Lake await.

Who is this Hike Suitable for

This hike is medium and suitable for most people and children from the age of 6.


The main season is summer/late summer. This is when Torshammaren is most suitable for trekking.


Stay at Fondsbu DNT, located on the bank of Bygdin Lake.

How to Get There

You can access the Torshammaren from Eidsbugarden.


  • Municipality: Vang
  • Jotunheimen
  • Bygdin, Tyin Lake

Hike Info

  • Difficulty: Easy-Medium (kids from 6 years)
  • Distance: 6.5 kilometres
  • Elevation: 1440 m.a.s.l.
  • Elevation gain: 380 meters
  • Duration: 3-4 hours
  • Self-guided tour


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