Festivals in and around Jotunheimen National Park

Norway is in many ways a country of extremes, so it’s perhaps not a coincidence that some of the genres that have thrived here for decades are black metal and jazz (or even black jazz …). Black metal can be experienced in Norway during the Inferno festival, held every easter in Oslo. Jazz festivals can be found in places such as Molde, Kongsberg, Haugesund, Oslo, Beitostølen and Lillehammer. And speaking of extremes, the International extreme sports competition in Voss usually has a few memorable concerts every year. Jotunheimen National park has no exception, great Festivals like Vinjerock, Trollrock, The Nordic Mountain Film Festival and Jotunheimen Fjellfestival.

Food, and especially local food, is more and more important to Norwegians, and in the last few years a number of new food festivals have popped up across the country. It’s perhaps unfair to mention only one, but the Rakfisk festival in Fagernes (Rakfisk is rine-cured fish – trout, sometimes char – that has been salted and left to ferment in brine for two to three months) is an event you should not miss if you are in the area. Source: VisitNorway

Norwegians are a music-loving people, and all over the country artists, promoters, venues and enthusiasts come together to provide a rich offering of concerts – from massive stadium rock shows down to tiny and intimate performances.

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Peer Gynt Highlights

By: Peer Gynt

Stiftelsen Fjellkultur

+47 97 01 42 28)


The Mountain Film Festival in Gjendesheim is organized by the Foundation Mountain Culture, created by publisher Free Flow AS and DNT. The foundation will promote film and cultural expressions related to nature. It wants to contribute to increased quality in width in the dissemination of film and culture related to outdoor activities and inspire active use of nature and to promote conservation and safe travel in the mountains. East Jotunheimen is rich in history and offers a dream destination you did not know it existed. The program will still be packed with quality films you do not get seen elsewhere, all in a unique setting among Norway’s nicest hosts, Marius Haugaløkken and Anne Taagvold on Gjendesheim cabin.
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Nord-Aurdal kommune, PB 143
2901 Fagernes
+47 61 35 90 00)

Valdres Sommersymfoni

The Valdres Summer Courses is a classical music festival for young musicians. During these 8 days, there will be more than 30 concerts throughout Valdres starring young talents, the stars of tomorrow and professional musicians. Sonoko Miriam Shimano Welde (fiolin) is this year’s ambassador for «Playing for a Future» and she will perform during the festival. Picture: sommersymfoni.no
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Peer Gynt Huset, Toksevegen 14
2640 Vinstra
+47 81 53 31 33)

The Peer Gynt Festival

In the Gudbrandsdalen valley, one hour north of Lillehammer, Henrik Ibsen’s drama “Peer Gynt” is celebrated in one of Norway’s leading cultural festivals. Norwegian drama, music and nature comes together in the middle of Peer Gynt’s kingdom. The festival is a celebration of Ibsen’s “Peer Gynt” and the historical person Per Gynt, who lived in the Gudbrandsdalen valley in the 17th century. The tales about Per have been told through generations, and these, together with the nature and culture in the valley, is what inspired Henrik Ibsen to write the dramatic poem. The festival will give its guests a good insight into the Norwegian spirit; through nature, culture and traditions. Picture: peergynt.no

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2954 Beitostølen
www.trollrock.no (Norwegian only)

Trollrock Beitostølen

Welcome to the music festival, Trollrock! We are once again ready for a unique musical experience in Beitostølen. Top national and internatio­nal artists will take the stage. At Trollrock you will find comfortable accom­modation, unique activities, fantastic nature, the best selection of music, nice food and lots more.
Foto: Aud Eva Bergo
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Valdresvegen 13
2900 Fagernes
+47 61 35 94 23)

Norsk Rakfiskfestival

The Norwegian Rakfisk Festival aims to focus on Norwegian food traditions, especially «rakfisk», which is semi-fermented trout. The festival draws more than 25.000 people to Fagernes every year and is, by far, the largest festival in the region and one of the largest food festivals in Norway. Local rakfisk producers as well as producers of many other local products and handicrafts turn the streets into one big marketplace with more than 100 small outlets where you can sample and buy their products. In the evening there are  concerts and dancing until the late hours. Source: Valdres.com Picture: Cathrine Dokken

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Gjendesheim Turisthytte
2680 Vågå
+47 61 23 89 10)


Jotunheimen Mountaineering Camp

Under Jotunheimen Mountaineering Camp you get the opportunity to go different summit with your tour mates, including experienced mountain guides. Our professional mountain guides will adapted the tours to the right levels . We set up the tours with enough guides so that you have the freedom to exploit the day the best possible way you wish. It therefore ensures that you will have as much pleasure with the trips it does not matter if you are an experienced mountaineers or simply are completely new and unfamiliar with hike and the Randonnée concept. Picture: jotunheimenskifestival

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Bygdin – Eidsbugarden
2985 Vang i Valdres
+47 97 10 99 03)


Vinjerock is named after the famous Norwegian journalist and writer Aasmund Olavsson Vinje. He was the first man to build a cabin at Eidsbugarden and was also the man who named the region of Jotunheimen. Every year in July, Vinjerock draws several thousand people up into the mountains, eager to spend four days at the shoreline of the Bygdin – Eidsbugarden. Photo: Hallgrim Rogn 
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