Festivals in and Around Jotunheimen


The Norwegian festival scene is as diverse as the country is long. In terms of music we are probably most famous for our black metal and jazz. Black metal can be experienced in Norway during the Inferno festival, held every Easter in Oslo. Jazz festivals can be found in places such as Molde, Kongsberg, Haugesund, Oslo, Beitostølen and Lillehammer. In Voss, the International extreme sports competition week invites people from all over the country to try new “risky” sports such as paragliding, skydiving, speed flying and swooping.

Jotunheimen and Valdres regions offers an array of exciting yearly celebrations of music, food, winter, mountain culture etc. During summer you can enjoy, great music festivals such as Vinjerock at Fondsbu and Trollrock at Beitostølen. Valdres sommersymfoni is an international chamber music festival with around 30 concerts across the region, hosted in Junee every year.

The first weekend in November the Rakfisk festival tales place in Fagernes. This one-of-its-kind celebration of Norwegian culture and food, especially the famous local Valdres delicacy, Rakfisk, and the Norwegian beverage, Aquavit. Every year award-winning producers from all over the region come to Fagernes to show of their specialities, and people from all over the country gather to enjoy food, music and take part in the festivities. 

During the cold winter months we look forward to festivals such as the Hemsing festivalen, a classical music festival which welcomes both international and national artists and guest,

Norwegians are a music-loving people, and all over the country artists, promoters, venues and enthusiasts come together to provide a rich offering of concerts – from massive stadium rock shows down to tiny and intimate performances.