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Glaciers can move mountains as well as they will move you. See, feel and hear the force of nature, imprisoned in ice for thousands of years. Jotunheimen is the home of Norway’s largest glacier, Bøverbreen, as well as to one of our country’s most beautiful sights: the Svellnosbreen glacier fall. To stand eye to eye and ear to ear with these natural wonders is an experience of a lifetime. See iceberg being born, hear the call of nature when they break away from the glacier against a backdrop of mountain views. Here you can find a selection of professional companies with private guiding who can take you up or over a glacier.

Or what about a Bleu Ice Track with “Jotunheimen Glacier Guides” The majestic Smørstabbreen has several glacier arms, one of them is the Bøverbreen. This glacier arm has several areas where the ice breaks up and opens a word of cool experiences. On this tour we have relatively good time and we will adapt program and level to you. This is a perfect glacier experience both as the first glacier tour, but also as a more advanced tour where we go deeper into the ice. This is an “all summer glacier”, beautiful whenever, but in early and late summer it is usually more spectacular than on other times of year.

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Glaciers can move mountains as well as they will move you. See, feel and hear the force of nature, imprisoned in ice for thousands of years.

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Nigardsbreen Glacier in Norway

Jostedalen Breførarlag AS
N-6871 Jostedal
Tlf. 576 83 111)

Jostedalen Breførarlag AS

Jostedalen Breførarlag Ltd. is a mountaineering company and we offer guiding and instruction services on glaciers and alpine climbing. Our company – established in 1987 – arrange a wide range of guided hikes, ski tours and courses at different glaciers in Jostedalsbreen National Park and in the high mountains of the Jotunheimen National Park.The main attraction is the blue ice walks on the Nigardsbreen but also glacier and climbing courses, skitouring trips on the Jostedalsbreen and trekking tours in Jotunheimen are popular.

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7633 Frosta
+47 920 38 297)

Jotunheimen Arrangement As

Experienced Guides who will show you what the Jotunheimen has to offer and provide outdoor experiences to the people. The company is owned and operated by the guides. When you contact us you will meet passionate and experience guides and can answer your inquiries.

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T. +47 61212799)

Aktiv i Lom

Our glacier tour introduces you to the ice queen: Smørstabbreen. At 1.600 meters above sea level and guarded by nine 2K high mountains, she’s waiting for you to come and admire her freezing beauty. Our visit to the ice queen starts in Krossbu, about 40 minutes drive from Lom. From here we walk about 60 hilly minutes and cross the Bøverbreen glacier before knocking on her door. The exact route varies, depending on circumstances and the wishes and expectations of our participants

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Postboks 146
2688 Lom
M. +47 91301906)

Welcome to Jotunheimen Glacier Guides!

Come and join our professional guides for a mind blowing tour that leads you over the most spectacular parts of Bøverbreen glacier and the two summits of the 2034 meters high Kalven mountain.

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2900 Bøverdalen
T. +47 61 21 29 22
M. +47 913 63 855)

Krossbu - glacier and peaktour experiences

To conquer the many peaks in the Sognefjellet and Sognefjord area, a good start is to come and board at the Krossbu cabin.
The cabin(s) are a popular hotspot for walks to the blue ice Smørstadbreen Glacier.

For less than 4.000 NOK per person, you’ll stay 3 nights half board in a double room. Part of the deals are a packed lunch and blue ice daytrips to the Smørstadbreen and Storebjørn glaciers.

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Trolladalen 30
6856 Sogndal
+47 41 14 60 70)

Breogfjell Norwegian Mountain Guides

The greater experiences in life. Reaching the summit cairn. The first turn on a powder day. The team spirit in the roped-up party. Based in Norway’s coastal mountains, we offer tours and classes in Norway, the Alps and in the Antarctic. We provide experiences that you will carry with you, in life, and in the mountains.

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