Visit Lom Bakeri


With the 900-year old Lom Stave Church as its neighbor and the Bøvre river floating in the back, the bakery has become somewhat of the center of Lom. Foremost due to the unbelievable bread that comes out of the two giant wood-fired ovens, but the excellent cakes and pastries you can enjoy here with and Italian-style coffee add to the attraction of the bakery as well.

Jotunheimen has many stories to tell and secrets to keep, one of them being Norway’s tastiest bakeries: Bakeriet i Lom. It is the hideaway of one of Norway’s top chefs: Morten Schakenda.

Schakenda was the Galileo Galilei of culinary Norway before becoming a baker apprentice, collecting Michelin stars at the famous Restaurant Bagatelle. After he left the restaurant scene and spend three years learning the secrets of water, flour and yeast, he opened up his own bakery in picturesque Lom.

In this idyllic place, with the mighty Jotunheimen mountains overlooking little streams and thundering waterfalls, Schakenda set out to create yet another Norwegian legend. With wood-burning ovens and without any preservatives, the smell that fills the crisp mountain air and drifts away on the crystal clear Bøvre river lures you into Bakeriet i Lom like the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Bakeriet i Lom features a cozy dining room where you can choose from a variety of home made  sandwiches or small warm dishes and has an outdoor terrace as well. Knowing Schakenda’s motto ’en liten glede i hverdagen’ meaning ‘a little joy in everyday life’, you know you have come to the right place for a tasty memory of Norwegian life.

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