Lom bygdamuseum


Lom Bygdamuseum is an outdoor museum that lies in the green surroundings,of “Presthaugen”, only 300 meters from Fossbergom, center in Lom.
Presthaugen was previously uncultivated area under Prestegarden. With experiences for the whole family and the marked trails through the museum, the village museum is a good starting point for visits in Lom and hikes into the Breheimen National Park.

At the entrance to the museum you can visit one of the Council’s storehouse, Storstabburet from 1613. This was previously corn storage of prestegarden in Lom, it contains today a permanent exhibition about the watering system- and growing culture of Lom. At present the Lom village Museum has listed 22 buildings, that give examples of constuction, exterior and interior from the period 1613 – 1900. The houses are set up in the period from 1944 to 1960 and exerted by different farms in Lom and Vågå. The museum has three yard, one large farm, one smallholding mountain farm, and an old schoolhouse from Galde Boverdalen.

The museum is open from mid-June to mid-August, otherwise by appointment. In the summer season, many friviljuge from the local community with the activities at the museum. “Wednesday’s in the “Presthaugen” has been a known event, and These days are filled with tradition handicrafts such as, churning of butter, “lefse” baking, spinning and woodworking.

Gudbrandsdals museum is the regional museum for Gudbrandsdalen with decentralized structure and many departments related to various topics. The museum has in such a manner not a locality, but many. Director held on Dale-Gudbrand’s Farm, Hundorp.

The departments have focused on different topics and it is among other special exhibitions on agriculture, mining, hunting and catching, the last World War, use of the mountain, and exhibitions tied to the unique stave churches. Each year there will also be focus on various topics variegation thematic seasonal exhibitions.

The Outdoor museums has activities and events all year, here one was involved in activities. In the summer season, local clubs and persons to create life and moods in the houses and the museum with demonstrations, tastings and stories.

Lom bygdamuseum is situated 300 m from the center of Lom, next to Norwegian Mountain Museum. The entrance to the museum is at the backside of the  Norwegian Mountain Museum (stairs up)

Entrance fee: Free admission
You can bring your own food and enjoy at the outdoor museum.