Norsk Fjellmuseum


Norsk Fjellmuseum is situated in Lom, close to the highways no. 15 Strynefjellet and no. 55 Sognefjellet. The museum is open to everyone, and on request we also guide you through the exhibitions. For guiding, contact us for an appointment. The museum shop has a great range of books and maps, and here you will also find souvenirs and gifts.

National park exhibition for Reinheimen and Breheimen

Living landscapes is an exhibition based on information about the two national parks. Both Reinheimen and Breheimen are national important habitats for the wild reindeer, and the exhibition is therefore based on information about the reindeers. You find the exhibition in the same building as the grocery store Coop Marked Bruvoll at Dønfoss in Skjåk, about 30 km from Lom along the highway no. 15. The exhibition is open at the same hours as the grocery store, all year around.


The season of 2015/2016 you will find a new exhibition, Crossing the ice, in our museum. This exhibition will contain archaeological findings, stories and myths connected to people living in the prehistorical age. What clothing and equipment do we know they used? How did they travel in the mountains? And how do the archaeologists work with the findings? We also show new archaeological findings from the increasingly melting glaciers and snowdrifts in the mountains around us.

While the mountains today mainly is a place for recreation, they where earlier an important part of the livelihoods.  The exhibitions in the mountain museum intend to tell us about people’s use of the mountains from the ice age to our days.

The recent years the melting glaciers and snowdrifts have led to an increasingly amount of archaeological findings in the mountains. Almost 1 600 findings are collected only in the Oppland county, and a great part of these from the national parks Jotunheimen and Breheimen. This amount of findings in Oppland is 50 percent of the total glacier archaeological findings in the world. The findings are among the oldest in Norway, and among these we find a leather shoe, 3 300 years old, and a 1 300 years old ski. A small part of the findings are the years to come to be found in our exhibitions.