Outdoor Shops


Looking to head into the great outdoors and not fully equipped yet? The shops in the National Park have all you need to be kitted out properly, from rucksacks to sleeping bags and tents to climbing gear. In addition, you can find a wide range of outdoor clothing, including waterproof jackets, fleeces, footwear for all seasons, summer and winter! With a great choice at even better prices you can go out and explore with all your new outdoor clothing and outdoor equipment. All the shops have competitive prices which no online shops can offer.


The fjords, the glaciers, the forests. The waves thundering against the rocky shores. The mountains towering above us. There is something about the Norwegian wilderness that brings out the adventurer in us. There is something about the climate here in the far north; up here, a single day can pit us against the challenges of four different seasons and still be a magical experience. As long as we are well prepared and are wearing the right clothing.

Welcome to Norrøna