Find restaurants in and around the Jotunheimen National Park

You’ll discover an array restaurants in every village or among the roads of the National Park Jotunheimen. Take your pick of, sandwiches, fresh salads or get a tasting of our famous local food at any of the cafeterias or Local Food shops, everything from camembert, blue cheese, chevre and brie to traditional products such as gamalost and pultost, dried meats home made marmelade, Kurv, Bread and much more. While dress is always casual, the menus and atmosphere of our restaurants ranges from casual to upscale. And, if your plans call for a day of fishing, hiking or just being away, you can bring up your lunch box while enjoying the nice scenery. You will find the perfect meal for your needs right here inside the National Park.

Picture: Herangtunet boutique Hotel,
Big picture: Andvord Gård Lom

Dining facilities are available throughout and around the National park, ranging from fine dining to snack shops and cafeterias. Dinner reservations are required at the fine dining facilities. You can eat local food in a fancy restaurant, get fast food at a grill, or buy sandwich-makings at a general store to enjoy in a picnic area. The possibilities for meals in National Park Jotunheimen are numerous.

Where to find us

Volbusvegen 17
2940, Heggenes
+47 97 63 33 10)

Herangtunet boutique hotel Norway

Herangtunet boutique hotel Norway offers a cosy restaurant where they serve a 3 course menu every day at a fixt time (19:00). Let Herangtunet surprise you with local Nordic food with a twist. You need to book a day in advance to get a table in the restaurant. If you are a guest of the hotel, a table is guaranteed. Great wine selection. Member of the Historical Hotels of Norway.

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Bygdinvegen 3782
2953 Beitostølen
+47 93 85 10 00)

BareKos Beitostølen

Nice and cosy restaurant in the center of Beitostølen. We deliver catering with or without a chef, and take aways too. Any special wishes, please contact us and we “make ” your party!
Opening hours
Tuesday – Saturday: 17.00 – 22.30
Sunday: 15.00 – 21.00
Picture: Tina Stafrèn /
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Finntøppveien 2
2953 Beitostølen
+47 90 40 02 88)

Hytta mat og vinhus

restaurant with unique atmosphere near Beitostolen Camping. Serves a good mix of both short- and long-distance food that makes both tourists, cottage owners and local feel welcome. We have a basic idea that our restaurant will offer fine dining in addition to warm and cosy environment. The restaurant is built of dark wood with grass on the roof. Picture:
See updated opening hours, menus and special events on:
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Heidalsvegen 1265
2677 Nedre Heidal
+47 61 23 41 13)

Nordre Ekre gardshotell & restaurant

In the Gudbrandsdalen valley, right in the heart of the mountain village of Heidal, you will find Nordre Ekre farm hotel and restaurant. Surrounded by national parks on all sides,  the family farm at Nordre Ekre has been converted into a small hotel and restaurant. We are proud of our kitchen at Nordre Ekre. In our restaurant you will find only real home-cooked food of great quality, often using local ingredients from one of many farms and small producers in the area. We are open every night during summer, and we highly recommend you to book in advance.

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2985 Tyinkrysset
+47 61 36 78 15)

Eidsbugarden Hotel & Restaurant

Eidsbugarden Hotel is a traditional hotel with a history that goes back to 1868 when the poet and mountain hiker Aasmund Olavsson Vinje built the first cabin at this location. The hotel is beautifully situated in the heart of Jotunheimen, 1065 meters above sea level at the west end of lake Bygdin.
The food we serve is called “Rustic Gourmet”. The menu holds a high quality and is based on local ingredients like trout and game. Eidsbugarden is situated in the mountains and nearby the fjord. It is important to us that our menu reflects this. Tekst:
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Bergomsvegen 32
2688, Lom
+47 61 21 95 00)

Fossheim Turisthotell Restaurant

At Fossheim we strive to keep and maintain our long lived traditions. We are proud of our heritage, both in terms of all our historic buildings, woodcarvings, antiques and especially traditional Norwegian food. Try one of our chef courses where our masterchef will reveal some of his tricks . Picture: Tina Stafrèn /
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2685 Garmo
+47 91 13 75 58)

Brimi Saeter

Where summer we follow tradition and move with us the animals from the farm and up to Brimi mountain farm. Here we have realized the dream whether a good life – with pets in the yard, accommodation, home-made food, seats cafe and shop, hikes and tranquility in the mountains. When the farm is open, we will gladly share idyll with you, your family, friends and colleagues. We opens the summer season on Brimi saeter 17 June 2016
You have the opportunity to stay in brisk at the barn or room in mountain farm house, and get served specially our court, 4- course “skråpå-toe” menu at the long table in the barn each evening until 14 August.
Seats Café and shop
Seats cafe opens on the 19th June 2016 and this will be open every day between 11:00 and 18:00 until 21 August. Sunday until t.o.m September 11, 2016.
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Sjodalsveien 1549
2680 Tessanden
+47 61 23 89 16)

Restaurant Rein

Hindsæter Mountain Hotel combines good taste and history. The cultural-historical menus are dedicated to some of the guests who once visited Hindsæter. Prince Gustavs hunting-menu and General Blackwells mountain-menu to name a few. Build in year 1898 Hindsæter is a relaxing getaway with exceptional opportunities at the doorstep where you enjoy excellent dinners in historical dining-rooms and fresh mountain air on walking trips in summer or skiing trips in winter. Member of Norwegian FoodPrints.
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