Dining facilities are available throughout and around the National park, ranging from fine dining to snack shops and cafeterias. Dinner reservations are required at the fine dining facilities. You can eat local food in a fancy restaurant, get fast food at a grill, or buy sandwich-makings at a general store to enjoy in a picnic area. The possibilities for meals in National Park Jotunheimen are numerous.

You’ll discover an array restaurants in every village or among the roads of the National Park Jotunheimen. Take your pick of, sandwiches, fresh salads or get a tasting of our famous local food at any of the cafeterias or Local Food shops, everything from camembert, blue cheese, chevre and brie to traditional products such as gamalost and pultost, dried meats home made marmelade, Kurv, Bread and much more. While dress is always casual, the menus and atmosphere of our restaurants ranges from casual to upscale. And, if your plans call for a day of fishing, hiking or just being away, you can bring up your lunch box while enjoying the nice scenery. You will find the perfect meal for your needs right here inside the National Park.