A breathtaking journey along Lake Bygdin

Main Picture: Beitostolen.com M/B Bitihorn has been in regular service on the lake Bygdin since 1912. The boat route is often referred to as the highest elevated boat route in Northern Europe. The boat leaves 2 times daily between Eidsbugarden and Bygdin, with a stop at Torfinnsbu. The trip is a beautiful journey where passengers can experience many of the 2000-meter peaks in Jotunheimen.

If you wish to combine the trip with a hike, we recommend taking M / B Bitihorn from Eidsbugarden to Torfinnsbu and then walk the 7-hour hike on the east side of lake Bygdin and Galdebergtind via Eidsbugarden and back to Tyinholmen.

Another opportunity is to take the M/B Bitihorn to Bygdin, head to Gjendesheim and walk the exciting trail across the famous mountain of Besseggen.

M/B Bitihorn celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2012 and have spent all its years on the Bygdin lake. Built at Glommens Mekaniske Verksted in Fredrikstad, this was build number 19. Originally powered by a 40hp Bolinder diesel engine. Today it's powered by a 330h Scania engine, the fourth engine in M/B Bitihorn since 1912. The vessel was originally 55 foot long but added 10 foot in 1977 making it a total length of 65 foot. M/B Bitihorn has a passenger capacity of 98 and 2 crew members, one captain and one deckhand. 

During this journey over the Bygdin lake you can see more than 10 of Jotunheimen peaks over 2000m asl, among they are also the most southern 2000m peak in Norway, Nordre Kalvhølotind. If you are lucky it is possible to see reindeers, occasionally large herds of several hundered animals. Along the route there is also two small old stone cabins that reindeer hunters used for shelter in the 19th century.

Bygdin - Eidsbugarden
Dep. Bygden 915
Arr. Eidsbugarden 1100
Dep. Bygden 1440c
Arr. Eidsbugarden 1620c

c. (Not on 04.09.) 


Join us on this scenic journey on M/B Bitihorn over the Bygdin lake in Jotunheimen, starting at Eidsbugarden in the west end or Bygdin in the east end. The season starts the last weekend in June and our last sailing is beginning of September. Each day has two departures from Eidsbugarden and Bygdin.

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