Lemonsjøen – Ruten – Mjølkevegen – Petter Olsen (1)
Lemonsjøen – Ruten – Mjølkevegen – Petter Olsen (1)

Lemonsjøen → Ruten

Travel on gravel road through Murudalen and along several mesmerising rivers such as the river Sjoa, and the river Muru with its impressive twists and turns. Around halfway there will be a steep descent that takes you back down towards the river and past the Lake Slangen, around Lake Olstappen. During summer you might run into goats and other farm animals grazing in the area. For the last stage up to Ruten fjellstue you can either follow the main road or alternatively try the little yet more strenuous path through nature along the river Espa.

Cycling: Lemonsjøen → Ruten

Difficulty: Moderate
Time: 3-6 hour(s)
Distance: 59 kilometers
Ascent height: 750 meters
Descent height: 730 meters
Lemonsjøen – Ruten – Mjølkevegen – Petter Olsen (1)
Lemonsjøen – Ruten – Mjølkevegen – Petter Olsen (1)
Lemonsjøen – Ruten – Mjølkevegen – Petter Olsen (2)
Lemonsjøen – Ruten – Mjølkevegen – Petter Olsen (2)
Lemonsjøen – Ruten – Mjølkevegen – Petter Olsen (3)
Lemonsjøen – Ruten – Mjølkevegen – Petter Olsen (3)
Lemonsjøen – Ruten – Mjølkevegen – Petter Olsen (4)
Lemonsjøen – Ruten – Mjølkevegen – Petter Olsen (4)
Lemonsjøen – Ruten – Mjølkevegen – Petter Olsen (5)
Lemonsjøen – Ruten – Mjølkevegen – Petter Olsen (5)

Our product(s) with Lemonsjøen → Ruten:

Mjølkevegen: North Route (7-days)

Mjølkevegen is one of Norway’s most attractive cycling routes. The week-long North Route cycling trip will give you all the highlights of what this beautiful part of Norway has to offer from the comfort of your bike seat. 

  • Bus transportation round-trip from Oslo to start and end of tour available included
  • Transportation from end of route to start included
  • Transfers during route included
Hiking Board: Breakfast, Lunch to go & Dinner

National Park Route: Mjølkevegen and Tour de Dovre (10-days)
This 359 km long route through The National Parks combines two of the best cycling routes in Mountain-Norway, Mjølkevegen and Tour de Dovre.
To/from Oslo Full Board: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

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Mjølkevegen: The Grand Tour (9-days)

If you’d like to get the most in-depth experience of Mjølkevegen, The Grand Tour is the perfect option for you. This 9-day trip will cover most of Mjølkevegen and its detours, taking you from Lemonsjøen in the north to Golsfjellet on the south side of the famous cycling route. 

Full Board: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Einarset (Round-tour)

Einarset round-tour is a short route on trails and mountain roads. The route is pleasant and easy for beginner cyclists as well as families with children, and is also great for more experienced cyclists looking for a lovely, quiet bike ride. Take your time and enjoy the scenery. A great rout Read more

Filefjellstuene → Beitostølen (Slettefjell)

This is the toughest leg of Mjølkevegen, mostly on gravel road. It takes you to the historical Kongevegen (King’s Road), and past Sputrefossen waterfall. You will face a tough ascent to the highest point of the road on the Slettefjell mountain plateau. It is not too long, but it is s Read more

Golsfjellet Circle and Tisleifjorden Circle combination

Golsfjellet combined with Tisleifjorden is a great tour around the mountain plateau of Golsfjellet. Large parts of the circuit follow the road Golsfjellveien, and gravel roads. The terrain around Lake is fairly flat, but some hills must be climbed. The route has many beautiful scenic points and g Read more

Golsfjellet – Vaset

Golsfjellet – Stølsvidda via Langestølen- Jaslangen – Trollhovd – Vaset. Bike from Golsfjellet across Stølsvidda to Langestølen and on to Trollhovd. You cross high and free over the plateau past idyllic farm villages with grazing lifestock and summer meadows. The view along the trip Read more

Gomobu → Kamben (via Panoramavegen)

Cycle one of the sideroads of Mjølkevegen on the "Panorama-road". The route is flat and easy, perfect for the entire family. Read more

Gomobu → Syndinstøga (Mjølkevegen)

Cycle from Vaset and Gomobu hotel to Syndin and Syndinstøga. This route will take you past Valtjednvegen, Panoramavegen on the route to Gomobu. Read more

Grimsdalshytta → Trolltun

Travel through Grimsdalen, along the rivers Grimse, Grimsdalsmyerene and Veslegrimsi. The trail here is quite flat, but it will eventually reach a steep ascent as you climb up to a plateu. Descend 620 meters within 12 kilometers into Dovre. You are now in one of the most famous valleys in Norway Read more

Hjerkinn → Grimsdalshytta

The first part of the route is relatively easy and on asphalt which will entail some road traffic. Follow the river Folla down into the valley. You will eventually arrive at Folldal an get on the Rondane National Tourist Road, heading West. You are now entering Grimsdalen which is one of the mos Read more

Jotunheimvegen (Ruten Fjellstue → Bygdin Høyfjellshotell)

Follow the idyllic Jotunheimvegen through beautiful nature and farming landscape. Keep an eye out for reindeer grazing in the area. The route follows the shore along the Vinstrevatn where you will most likely meet cows, sheep and goats grazing freely in the area. Here you get close to the mounta Read more

Kamben → Gomobu (via Stølsvidda)

Cycle from Golsfjellet through the scenic Stølsvidda to Gomobu. You will enjoy beautiful views of Jotunheimen and Hemsedalsfjella. Follow the main earthen road, which is mainly used by cyclists and by some cars. The terrain is mostly flat and very nice and easy to cycle on. You will pass b Read more

Koldedalen (From Tyinholmen)

Head into the mountains with Uranostinden and Falketinden as your backdrop. The scenic route is a flat easy cycling tour. The route is a perfect detour on your "Mjølkevegen" tour. Read more

Langestølen – Revulen – Panoramavegen

Revulen is just off the beaten track, and therefore a great place to start. With less traffic, a higher chance to meet the local inhabitants like cows and sheeps, this is a great route to really take in and enjoy everything Mjølkevegen and its detours has to offer. The tour also takes you throu Read more

Syndinstøga → Gomobu (trail accross Grønnsen)

This alternative route will take you back to Gomobu on the south side of Syndin lakes. The route crosses both roads and trails. And during wet periods the trail can be difficult to use. The route is scenic and great for biking. Even the trail is great for off-road biking. The off-road trail is ab Read more

Tisleidalen (Round-trip)

The popular route around Tisleidalen offers everything you want in a great cycling tour. Passing sheeps, grasslands, and lakes. Crossing rivers, biking on the hilly mountain roads and short trails. This trails is also listed as route 1 from the book "Mjølkevegen med avstikkere" Read more

Trolltun → Hjerkinn Fjellstue

Follow the “old mountain road”, the hiking and bike road across Dovrefjell. On your right you will have the fantastic Dovre National Park, and on your left you can see the valley of Grytdalen and the mountain Snøhetta, the tallest mountain in the Dovrefjell mountain range. There ar Read more

Tyinholmen → Filefjellstuene

Cycle on gravel road along the magnificent Tyin Lake down to Tyinkrysset and then Filefjellstuene. This scenic lower mountain landscape is very peaceful with the occasional sheep field on the side of the road. Notice the drastic difference in scenery from the previous legs. Tyinkrysset is an impo Read more


The biking route between Beitostølen and Hindseter is a great route for road cyclists. Keep an eye open for reindeer, the traffic and the great mountain backgrop and you will find Valdresflye one of the best cycling routes around Jotunheimen. Read more

Vaset - Syndin – Grønsenn (Round-trip)

Follow Mjølkevegen from Vaset to Syndin. The route passes lakes, grasslands and smaller cabin areas. There are plenty of locations to stop for snacks or your take-away lunch. At Syndin you can also enjoy a better meal at Syndsinstøga or settle for a coffee before you return on the alternative d Read more

Vaset – Golsfjellet

Vaset – Krististølen – Storfjorden – Langestølen - Tyrisholt Brattåsen – Gauklia - Golsfjellet Read more