The biking route between Beitostølen and Hindseter is a great route for road cyclists. Keep an eye open for reindeer, the traffic and the great mountain backgrop and you will find Valdresflye one of the best cycling routes around Jotunheimen.

Cycling: Valdresflye

Difficulty: Challenging
Time: 3-5 hour(s)
Distance: 49 kilometers
Ascent height: 650 meters



About Valdresflye

Up on Valdresflye you get the feeling of “hovering” above the mountain plateau with a great view towards many of the mountain peaks of Jotunheimen National Park. Remember that large open areas up in the mountains also mean strong winds. Whether you come from the north or the south we recommend a detour (2 km) to the beautiful Lake Gjende, which is a good point of departure for a number of walks. On Valdresflye there is a good deal of traffic and a few long climbs, but the cycle ride is absolutely manageable.

For this stage your should be comfortable biking in traffic, as FV51 is the main traffic line in the area.


The construction of roads in the mountains helped to link the various regions of Norway. More people were able to experience the mountains and the roads were very useful for summer mountain farms. The majority of mountain roads in Norway have therefore been a key factor for the tourist industry ever since they were built, allowing us to explore the mountains easily and safely. Valdresflya is a good example of such a road.