Paradisjuvet at Brennefjellet (Paradise Gorge)

Join our experienced guides on a snowshoe hike in the snow to the viewpoint above the Paradise Gorge. This is a unique and off the beaten path hike through a beautiful landscape covered with pine trees. We eventually reach our destination at the viewpoint high above the Sognefjord, and only a few tourists have seen this view before. This area is primarally used as a recreational area for the locals, and therefore offer an authentic taste of the Norwegian outdoor lifestyle.

Snowshoe Hike:

Difficulty: Challenging
Time: 4-6 hour(s)
Distance: 10 kilometers
Ascent height: 250 meters
In the middle of snowhere – Snowshoeing Paradisjuvet
In the middle of snowhere – Snowshoeing Paradisjuvet

Our product(s) with Paradisjuvet at Brennefjellet (Paradise Gorge):

In The Middle Of Snowhere: Grand Tour (7-days)
Are you an experienced hiker, up for a challenge and used to some travelling in snow and mountain terrain? Welcome to our 7-day snowshoeing and dog sledding winter adventure!
Included Hiking Board: Breakfast, Lunch to go & Dinner

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