High peaks and large lakes

To visit Jotunheimen National Park, is to meet Northern Europe’s highest mountains and most colourful lakes. Two of these lakes, Gjende and Bessvatn, are connected by the famous Besseggen trail. This hiking trail takes you over the Besseggen ridge that runs between the emerald green Gjende and the 200 meters higher and deep-blue Bessvatn lake.

More colour can be found at Jotunheimen’s glaciers that present the whole colour spectrum from pitch dark via snow white to ice-blue. Many of the glaciers can be visited, with professional guides or on your own, by foot, on skis or even by bike. The largest ice-mass is the Smørstabbreen. This giant covers 15 square kilometres and breaths with the seasons.

Standing guard over all of these majestic lakes, glaciers and mountains is the 2469 meters high Galdhøpiggen. This giants overshadows the ice?covered summit of its smaller brother Glittertind during the endless mid-summer nights. In winter, the stone brother’s and their 2403 meters tall sister “Store Skagastølstind” reign the Hurrungane mountain range, covered by a blanket of snow that offers perfect wintersport conditions.

Jotunheimen Travel offers guided tours to some of the highest peaks in Jotunheimen.

Jotunheimen, a natural beauty embraced by the counties of Oppland, Sogn & Fjordane and kissed by mountains, lakes and glaciers.

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