The King’s Road: Kvamskleive - Øye - Tyinkrysset

Start your hike at Kvamskleive and continue like the locals with public transportation from the end of Kvamskleive to Øye. Or skip the first part to start directly at Øye to avoid any extra transportation.

Kvamskleive was in use from 1808 and replaced an older road on the other side of lake Vangsmjøse. Parts of the road were terribly steep, and travelers called what they saw under the road for «abyss» and «life-threatening».

At the end of Kvamskleive, at Søndrol, you have come down to the highway E16 again and will take public bus to Øye (bus is not included in the package).

From Øye the King's Road goes in hilly terrain and with a few exceptions on grass cover up towards Tyinkrysset. If you want to take a look at the beautiful Øye Stave Church before you start, walk aprox. 1.5 kilometers further along the old E16 towards Øye.

Hiking: The King’s Road: Kvamskleive - Øye - Tyinkrysset

Difficulty: Challenging
Time: 5-6 hour(s)
Distance: 19 kilometers
Ascent height: 500 meters

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