Vetti Gard - Vettifossen peak (Round-trip)

Vettisfossen is one of Norway's tallest waterfalls, and the 284th tallest in the world. Most people hike to the base of the waterfall for a view of Vettisfossen. It's also possible to hike to the top. The route and climb is longer than to the base. But while you are at Vetti Gård this is a great scenic hike to combine with any tour. On your way to the top you will get a great view of Vetti Gård and the surrounding area. Once you reach the top of the waterfall you will have a great view Utladalen. But be careful of moving too close to the edge, as there is a free fall for almost 300 meters down.

Hiking: Vetti Gard - Vettifossen peak (Round-trip)

Difficulty: Moderate
Time: 2-3 hour(s)
Distance: 7 kilometers
Ascent height: 500 meters



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